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Is Kudos Killing Runners?

April 26, 2018

“In short, Strava is it right now—the only app that serious runners and cyclists need to bother with.” So says Mat Gross the author of the article ‘How Strava became the only fitness app that matters’*.  Judging by the amount of my fellow run club members on Strava I would have to agree. But is it helping or hindering runners in their quest to realise their potential? Read more…

“Pacer Week”

January 26, 2018

It was a cold, dreary night at the South Pine Community Church and the evening crew had just finished a tough session. I asked the team if they had any suggestions or ideas they wanted to raise at next week’s committee meeting. The fabulous Liz Gordon piped up and suggested that seeing as there are many striders that participate in Warner Lakes parkrun each week, then why don’t we offer our support to provide pacers once a month like other parkun’s do. I brought this great idea to the committee who were very supportive of the club offering our services to the good people of Warner Lakes. I made contact with the race directors who eagerly accepted our offer.

It was agreed that our pacing duties would begin on Saturday, 02 September 2017. This date coincided with their second birthday, and also the first parkrun of the month. Pacing bibs were ordered and volunteers called upon. The roster was filled almost immediately by striders eager to pace parkrunner’s to personal bests! The first pacing gig was an overwhelming success and set the tone for the months to follow. Not only were our pacers absolutely amazing with their pacing accuracy, but they did so with smiles on their faces and encouragement along the way.  I admit I was a bit apprehensive as to whether this momentum would continue. But each month as the call goes out for volunteers it is usually less than 24 hour before all the positions (all nine of them!) are filled. I don’t know many other parkrun’s that consistently provide nine pacers each month, but ours does!

The first Saturday of the month is now affectionately known as ‘pacer week’, and is embraced with open-arms by the Warner Lakes parkrun community. Our club has established a great rapport and our support is appreciated by many. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from all involved and I am genuinely excited to be a part of it each month. So far we have provided 45 pacers across five pacing duties with approximately 26 different members volunteering to date. If you would like to get involved then feel free to send me a message and I will get you sorted.

Lastly, while I may be the one organising the pacers each month, it was Liz who volunteered this great idea. I am simply piggy backing off her ingenuity. Well done Liz for such a great suggestion. The success of our involvement started and continues with you J

Anthony Fuster – Evening Crew Coach.

Great Ocean Road Running Festival 2017 – More than a marathon!

May 28, 2017

I guess it’s common for all runners to get to that point where, after half a dozen or so half marathons, you decide that you’d better at least try a marathon to see whether you’ve got what it takes to join that elite bunch of crazies. Then it comes down to which one should you choose? Read more…

Pinnacles Classic Trail Run 2017 – Michael’s Baptism Of Fire

May 8, 2017

On the weekend with a few other Striders I experienced the Pinnacles Classic Trail Race. With its main selling point (or deterrent) being 18 hills in 18kms I knew I was in for a tough baptism. The event was originally scheduled for the 2nd April however due to damage done to the area by cyclone Debbie it was postponed to the 30th. Read more…

Jason hits the Capital

April 21, 2017

I had been looking around for marathon options early in the year for a couple of reasons. First because my usual fixture of Gold Coast marathon is out for me this year because of holiday plans, but also because I wanted a solid block of training without the work travel that I typically have in May and June each year. So after tossing up a few I came up with Canberra. The last time I had been to Canberra was 13 years ago and not really great circumstances. After being away overseas for 7 weeks I found out on the way home in Singapore that my Uncle from Canberra had suffered a stroke and was critical in hospital. Unfortunately I got the news that he had passed away when I got off the plane in Brisbane and so promptly booked a flight down to the capital to be with my family. It was a pretty sad time because he was only in his mid 50s and I remember him as being my Dad’s eldest brother and a big strong Canadian fellow. So it was kind of strange going down there because I had been there quite a bit as a kid to see my Uncle and cousins but life got busy in the meantime and I hadn’t been back. My kids had also missed out on the usual Canberra trips for school because of changing schools so Emma and I thought we would all go down and have a look around. We did that and it was great to see places like the Parliament Houses (the old one is better), Questacon, Telstra Tower and the Australian War Memorial which was a highlight. It was even greater to see my Aunty and cousins.

I also had a marathon to run and a goal which was 3:10 or a pace of 4:30 per kilometre which would get me well within the 3:15 that I need to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Read more…

2016/17 Club Championship Leaderboard

March 24, 2017

Congratulations to all that ran a tough run out at St Lucia for Twilight last weekend and hopefully everyone has recovered well.  It is always a challenging event and everyone who took part should be congratulated for their efforts.  In an effort to stimulate some healthy interest and competition amongst our members this year we have decided to keep you all updated as we progress through the Championship events on the points tally and so here it is so far.  Not much in it of course but it is early days.

Current Leaderboard

After two rounds of the 2016/17 Club Championships the tally is as follows (and in no particular order:

Yvonne Baylis                 10 points
Louise Dunn                   10 points
Kelly Bobir                     10 points
Ryan Moore                    10 points
Peter Lewis                    10 points
Paul Gourlay                   10 points
Brad Lacey                     8 points
Jenny Cawood                 8 points
Liz Gordon                     8 points
Stan Fetting                   8 points
Jesse Kohn                  6 points
Clodagh Kusemamuriwo       6 points
Corne Grotius                 6 points

Who’s ready for round 3, “PINNACLES Trail Race” fast approaching on 2 April closely followed by round 4, “GREAT SOUTH EAST RUN” the following weekend 9 April 2017? Got to be in it to win it

Good Luck Everyone …. Get out there and run!

I would encourage everyone to have a look at the Club Championship Calendar and plan out some events this year.  Having goals and milestones throughout the year helps to keep you motivated and your motivation will in turn help to motivate others.

Next up is Round 3…for all those trail running fans out there, Pinnacles is a cracker.  18 hills over 18 km and don’t underestimate those hills!  But… it is definitely worth it.  So, if events are your thing, get online, hit enter, and lets see how the leaderboard stands after round 3.   Good Luck everyone!

And the Race is on…. Race Number One of the Club Championship- Mount Glorious

February 21, 2017

A small contingent of Striders competed in the first race of the 2017 club championship calendar. Corne Grotius, Ryan Moore, Stan Fetting and I were the keen few to take on this rather brutal 22k trail run. I’ve completed the 18k Pinnacles trail run a few times and assumed this was only 4k longer, it couldn’t be much harder. Hmmm I was a little deluded. If you’ve seen the elevation of this course on strava you’ll know what I mean.

The race starts at White Cedar picnic ground about a 20 min drive past the summit of Mt Glorious and finishes opposite the Maiala picnic ground on Mt Glorious.

The race started at 7am Read more…