South Pine Striders

South Pine Striders is a running club based in Eatons Hill, Lake Samsonvale and the wider Pine Rivers area of Brisbane, QLD. Striders welcome all who would like to run or walk.

Our vision: get active, stay active, set personal goals and achieve them, and meet new friends in the process.

The Club

Many people in the Pine Rivers area run and walk. We live in beautiful surrounds and its good to get out and enjoy the place we live in. It’s even more fun when we can do it with others. Apart from safety and good company, others inspire us, push us further and keep us accountable. Striders brings people together. Come along to any of our sessions, we’re a friendly bunch and always happy to see new people join.

Striders was started in 2005. We aim to encourage people to get fit and keep fit through being active, whilst meeting and making new friends in the process.

The club has a core of experienced runner’s and walkers who can share their experiences with newbies and help them set and achieve new goals. Women feel safer running in groups and there are enough women of varying ability levels for other women to feel comfortable.

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South Pine Striders is a not for profit incorporated association run by its members.

The Vision

Our vision is to encourage people to get and stay active, set personal goals and achieve them, and build new friendships in the process. It is also our vision to send teams to major events [Brisbane Marathon/Half/10km, Gold Coast Marathon/Half/10km/walk, Bridge to Brisbane, Noosa Half/10km etc].

These events can serve as goals to work towards for all participants who want to take things further. Participating in these events is not everyone’s cup of tea and there is no expectation either, rather an option which will be extended. Participants engage in running & walking at their own risk.

Each Striders session will have a designated leader, who will seek to ensure that safety is paramount, but each participant is ultimately responsible for themselves and undertakes risks on this basis.


For more details about running session times check here.