South Pine Striders welcomes runners of all abilities and levels of experience. No matter whether you are training to be able to complete your first parkrun or you’re a marathon veteran, we aim to be inclusive and accommodating and vary our sessions to provide something for everyone.

Prospective members are invited to come along for up to 3 weeks to try the various sessions we offer and see how it fits. If you are keen to jump in and sign up straight away then click the button below to get started. Alternatively, read on below for more details!

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Membership Details

Our membership options are straightforward and split into adult ($75) and junior ($35) membership. Membership commences on the date the registration process is completed and lasts until September 30. Members need to renew on or before October 1 each year which coincides with the Queensland Athletics (QA) calendar.

Prospective Members – Try-out / Trial Runs

If you are a runner keen to try out with Striders then please don’t be intimidated – we love welcoming new runners of all abilities and our coaches would love to have you along for a few sessions to see what you think. There are a couple of simple steps to arrange a trial,

  1. As a courtesy please inform the coach of your interest in trying out your first session by contacting us on Facebook (messaging our public page) or sending an e-mail via our Contact page. This will enable the coach to look out for you on the morning/night and give you some guidance on what to expect and what the set will be
  2. Please take a look at our FORMS page and complete the waiver – as a non-member this is important from an insurance, health and safety point of view
  3. Make sure you get to the session at least 5-10 minutes before the session starts so you have a chance to chat to the coach, get the latest info from the briefing and ask any questions you might have
  4. Enjoy your run!

Queensland Athletics

Since 2016 we have been affiliated with QA which allows us to offer a simple membership registration system and access to the state wide insurance scheme covering our members while training, racing at QA affiliated events or taking part in any other Striders sanctioned activities. Transfer between QA affiliated clubs is much simpler for instance if a member relocates within Queensland and wishes to run with another club.

Do We Have Reciprocal Membership?

For those who belong to other clubs, we are keen to establish reciprocal members rights and are actively investigating this, however there are no formal agreements at this time. Watch this space, and if you are currently a member of another club in the area, please reach out to us via the Contact page as we’d love to chat .

What Is Club Money Used For?

Your membership fees contribute to a variety of expenses the club incurs. This includes QA affiliation fees including insurance coverage, Website and e-mail hosting, Coaching training and registration, equipment, uniform orders, social and championship race organisation, awards for the end of year party and other items as they come up. We are a not for profit incorporated association and aim to be as transparent as possible. The finances of the club can be viewed by members through a request to our Treasurer. Full details of our accounts appear in our AGM Report.

Life Membership

A select handful of club veterans have been honoured with lifetime membership. This membership category is reserved for those who have invested years of hard work and energy into making our club what it is today. Current life members:

  • Stan Fetting
  • Mary Jackson
  • Sandy Scott
  • Gabe Petrie

Health and Safety

Physical activity such as running is an inherently risky activity and South Pine Striders strongly recommends that all prospective members / trial runners seek medical advice before commencing a physical activity program. In certain cases our coaches may ask for a Doctor’s consent letter to be completed particularly for runners who have pre existing medical or physical conditions such as previous significant injuries. Click HERE to navigate to our forms page to find more information and relevant documents.