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As of July 1, 2016 we have become a Queensland Athletics Affiliated Sporting Club. We have two kinds of membership for weekly users (plus an honorary life membership award):

1. Ordinary Members

Ordinary members must be over 18 years old, pay an annual fee of $70 and attend all coached sessions free of charge and can access personal advice from coaches.

2. Junior Members

Junior members must be under 18 years of age, pay an annual fee of $35 and attend all coached sessions for free.

Click the link below to begin your membership registration now!


What Do Non-Members Pay?

Newcomers to our club will have a 3 week period of grace to work out if they would like to join the club. If not they are welcome to attend but pay $5 per coached session.

Do We Have Reciprocal Membership?

For those who belong to other clubs, we are keen to establish reciprocal members rights. We are exploring this with Redcliffe Tri Club. This would mean that reciprocal members pay a discounted fee per coached session in recognition of reciprocal membership. This has not been formally agreed to yet between Striders and Redcliffe, watch this space.

What Is Club Money Be Used For?

The expenditure of money is used for the following kinds of expenses: Insurance, Web, Coach registration, equipment, publicity and marketing, training courses, uniforms, race organisation, awards etc. The finances of the club can be viewed by members through a request to our Treasurer and full accounts appear in our AGM Report.

Striders Club Forms

Striders Club ConstitutionSPS Constitution

Members Policy Striders Members Policy 2017

Medical Forms:

Our club has a duty of care to all those who come and train with us. The Management Team have agreed on a new policy to ensure we look after people as best we can. We’ve uploaded a new Pre-Exercise Medical Checklist so that participants can judge whether or not they fall into a high risk category, and should obtain a doctors consent before training with us (or continuing to train with us). If you have a condition which puts you at risk we ask that you go and see your GP, and you can use the Consent Form which we’ve uploaded. This applies to both new club members and existing club members. We note that Striders cannot give you a medical diagnosis, only a suitably qualified doctor can, which is why under certain situations we will ask people to obtain one.

Striders Pre-Exercise Health Screening

Striders Doctor Consent Form


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