Club Championship

The South Pine Striders Club Championship is the pinnacle award for all of our competitive runners and represents the club member who has shown dedication and consistency throughout the year. The number of points required and the events on offer mean that a runner has to perform outstandingly and place ahead of their peers consistently in order to be crowned the Club Champion.

As well as the Club Champion award, there are also awards given to the fastest Male and fastest female in 10K, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon events throughout the club year. These can be achieved at any event where the full distance is recorded.


The race calendar has been put together with consideration made for those who will be following a variety of training plans with various goal races – one of the most significant being the Gold Coast Marathon weekend in July. The races available also gives options for those who choose other paths or peaking earlier (Twilight/Noosa) or later (GC50). Where available, dates will be published here but please check back frequently or refer to the respective event websites for up to date details and confirmed race dates and times.

For the 2018-19 year the race calendar has been reduced in order to maximise competition and attendance at our most popular events. This has not been done to discourage our hard working trail running athletes or to discourage Striders members from attending other events – it is simply an opportunity to better compare times and finish positions and improve our visibility at the events where most of our members have participated in recent years. Further, events where we encourage volunteering have been removed from consideration so that there is no longer a conflict between wanting to pick up championship points, and taking up the opportunity to give back in our local running community.

So without further ado, the 2018/19 race calendar is as follows:

  1. GC50 Run Festival (
    – 15K/30K/50K Individual
    9 December 2019
  2. Great South Run (
    – 10K/Half Marathon
    7 April 2019
  3. Twilight Running Festival (
    – 10K/Half Marathon
    21 April 2019 (TBC)
  4. Runaway Noosa Marathon (
    – 10K/Half Marathon/Marathon
    25 May 2019
  5. Brisbane Marathon Festival (
    – 10K/Half Marathon/Marathon
    2 June 2019
  6. Gold Coast Marathon (
    – 10K/Half Marathon/Marathon
    6-7 July 2019
  7. Sunshine Coast Marathon (
    – 10K/Half Marathon/Marathon
    August 2019 (TBC)
  8. Twilight Bay Run (
    – 10K/Half Marathon
    September 2019 (TBC)


General Conditions

  1. The Race Secretary’s decision is final. No complaints will be entertained.
  2. You need to run in your own registered number.
  3. You should run in Striders club kit to run faster. Striders members caught racing in another club’s uniform face severe scrutiny!
  4. You need to be a financial member of South Pine Striders at the time of the event to be considered for any awards or Championship points.
  5. All award winners including Club Champion are expected to have volunteered at least once in the club year in order to receive their award. This is made clear during the club registration process and ample opportunities will be provided for all members to contribute to the club in some small way.
  6. Your safety and health and that of other competitors is of primary importance.
  7. All race times should be submitted to the Race Secretary ( The club Race Secretary Peter Lewis has the important job of keeping track of members’ times, but ALL times must be emailed through to be considered. No submission of times…. no participation in the points tally. Please help out by including a link to verify the time, ie. an official event result link / screenshot.

Distance category awards criteria

  • Awarded to the quickest male and female 10km, 21km and 42km race
  • Any individually timed event throughout the year, not just those in the club calendar, can be submitted for consideration. Submissions need to be verified against an offical race result – not just a Strava / GPS activity
  • The Race Secretary has ultimate discretion on whether a nomination is valid (ie in cases where races are clearly shorter than the advertised distance).

Club Championship Trophy criteria

  • There are 8 races to choose from
  • 5 of the 8 will count towards your club champs points tally
  • 10 points for a distance category win with points reducing by 2 for each subsequent placing (e.g. first male and female in the same event earn the same points)
  • The 8 races listed are not to encourage you to enter each one, but rather provide options and time for recovery. Choose wisely.

And finally – BEST OF LUCK!