Striders Ironman Trio

Last weekend 3 Striders travelled to Yeppoon north of Rocky to compete in the gruelling Half Ironman.  Fabian Gonzales, Joey Filed and Mary Jackson completed months of hard training and had a good day out.

The distances were 1.9km for the swim, 90km for the ride and a 21.1km run.

Mary was in hot form crossing the line in 6:12:12 with a 35:58 swim, a 3:21 bike and a 2:14 run.  Joey Field continues her transformation from weekend soccer player to machine with her first Half Ironman, crossing in 7:11:31, with a 46:26 swim, a 3:43 ride and a 2:56 run.  Fabian Gonzales continued hisinevitable progression from couch potato to full Ironman machine with his first Half as well.  He crossed the line in 7:25:55, with a 39:53 swim, a 3:52 bike ride and a 2:39 run.

Congratulations to all 3 on a magnificent effort and also to Mary for her successful coaching of a number of athletes, getting them ready to make their dreams turn into reality.

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