Race Preview

Calling all Striders to come along for the ride to Toowoomba.  A group is heading up on the weekend of 18, 19 October to run various distances at the St. George Bank Charity Marathon, including 10km, Half and Marathon.

The arrangement is that those who need accommodation can club together and get a motel room or cabin in a caravan park.  If you know people up there and can provide a bed for the night then give us a shout.  We’ll all have a carbo loading session in town on Saturday night and then all congregate at Sizzler after the race for some post-race ‘I can eat anything I want to for today’ banquet.

The course is a 10,5km loop, and you do as many loops as your race is.  There is water on the route, but from memory don’t expect km markers.  As soon as the map and other details become available I’ll post them here.  For more info talk to Gabe [evening leader], or myself [Stan -morning leader].

I’ve been hard in training for the marathon, and hoping to go under 3.  Greg Hall has been working hard as well and will blood himself at marathon distance.  Toowoomba is tough first up marathon because its not totally flat [not hilly either], and there isn’t too much atmosphere.  That can be to your advantage because it means less pressure and nerves which the large occasions seem to generate.

The TRR club is a friendly bunch who run plenty of events and its good to support another club, especially a regional one.  The event also raises funds for charity so even more reason to get involved.

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