Clem 7 Tunnel Run

A unique race will be held early in 2010 that you may be interested in: the Clem 7 Tunnel Run.  the official website has the following blurb:

The 10km CLEM7 Tunnel Run is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run, jog or speed-walk the entire length of the Clem Jones Tunnel in a competitive event, and is limited to 5000 participants only.  The event is set for early 2010, and will be held from 6.30am to 9.00am on a Sunday prior to the tunnel’s official opening to traffic. The date will be announced just weeks before the event, so lace up your shoes and get training now! The Tunnel Run will happen on the morning of the planned CLEM7 Open Day. Even if you can’t take part in the Tunnel Run, there will be an amazing opportunity to walk through the tunnel at your own leisure later in the day, and more information is coming soon. Everyone taking part in the historic CLEM7 Tunnel Run will help raise funds to support the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation in working wonders for sick kids.

Make sure you click on this link to register your interest. check out the route map with elevations below:

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