Striders at Brisbane Marathon Festival

Stan Fetting, Jerrod Smith & Mark Lawton enjoy some post race celebrations

This year’s Brisbane Marathon Festival was blessed with fantastic weather and a 15 degree start to the Marathon and Half at 6am. The course this year was greatly affected by the floods and also the difficulties organisers had with an uncooperative Council.  There were 4 bridge crossings, lots of twists and turns, dips and rises and two crowded laps of the Botanic Gardens at the start. However runners made the best of the difficult course and aided by enthusiastic volunteers enjoyed a warm morning of running.  Striders managed to get a runner in the top 5. There weren’t many club members competing having raced at Gold Coast and Jetty 2 Jetty.

The evergreen Thomas Donnet nailed another excellent Half in 1:53.  Mark Lawton pulled off a huge PB, significantly bettering his time at Noosa for the Half.  Jerrod Smith managed to run an extra lap of the Botanic Gardens and finished with a 1:48 which was actually a 1:42 when he stopped his Garmin at the 21.1km mark!  Stan Fetting wasn’t expecting a good day being short on preparation but ended up sneaking in under 3 hours with seconds to spare with a 5th overall.  Tony Banfield pulled off an excellent 3:27 well under his target time.

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