Jen’s C2S – all about the numbers!

I have been with Striders now for about 5 years and for as long as I can remember Jen has always been there.  An inspiration to many with her dedication to training and will to never give up.  Its dark, 9 degrees and we are all in jumpers, shivering in the cold, and there is Jen in her shorts and t-shirt heading out to warm up and be ready to go. I must say it so was lovely this morning for Jen to come and say to me “I have something for you, I’ll give it to you now because I don’t want to hold you up later”.  After City 2 Surf I sent her a message and asked if she would mind writing me a few words about the event and her experiences and this is the good part….. this morning she handed me a race report “the old fashioned way”!  In perfect pen, on paper and held together with a paper clip.  Not sure why this has fascinated me but I guess we all just get used to life being so electronic these days with Facebook, emails and mobile phone apps that it just surprised me.  Anyway, thanks for sharing Jen and I loved reading and typing it up for you! (RB)

Why have I run in the City 2 Surf 6 times?  Well, I have a daughter living in Sydney and it has become a good weekend to catch-up, wine and dine, see a show and of course have a run.  This fun run has fascinated me because of the number of participants and Continue reading “Jen’s C2S – all about the numbers!”

Striders hit the Surf

The City to Surf in Sydney is one of those events that many of us would have on our bucket list. Whilst the race distance of 14k is not a regular distance, C2S boasts that it is the world’s largest fun run, with 80 000 tackling the run from Sydney’s Hyde Park to the iconic Bondi Beach.

This year I was one of a handful of Striders who made the trip. The first thing is to make sure you get put into the correct starting Continue reading “Striders hit the Surf”