Party time for Striders!

We recently held our Annual Awards night on Saturday, November 3, and it was a fantastic chance for our members to celebrate each other’s achievements, relax and socialise after an extremely busy club year.

Please join me in congratulating our 2018 Award winners!

Men’s 10K – Chris Woulahan 36:01
Female 10K – Niamh Odwyer 41:50

Men’s Half – Paul Gourlay 1:17:43
Female Half – Yvonne Baylis 1:40:00

Mens Marathon – Anthony Fuster 2:54:51
Female Marathon – Yvonne Baylis 3:17:45

Phil O’Laughlin (Morning Coaches award)
Liz Gordon (Night Coaches award)

Louise Dunn (Volunteering award)
Jesse Kohn (Runner’s Runner)

Anthony Fuster (Club Champion)

jesse runners runner

anthony club champion1


chris 10k


liz night coaches award


louise volunteer


paul half


yvonne half full

Annual General Meeting Update

It’s just one week until the Annual General Meeting – next Wednesday 31 October, 7:30pm at the South Pine Community Church demountable. If you’re keen to have your say about the club or want to see how things operate behind-the-scenes then please come along.
It’s also worth mentioning that all current members are entitled to vote at the meeting. So please take a moment to renew your membership if you haven’t done so already – just hit the big red button on our website!

Nominations for office bearers:
President – Jesse Kohn (only nomination)
Secretary – Nicole Kohn (only nomination)
Treasurer – Brad Buchanan (only nomination)

General committee:
Anthony Fuster (Returning)
Bruce Clements (Returning)
Michael Holmes (Returning)
Rachel Bushell (Returning)
Stan Fetting (Returning)
Liz Gordon (New Nomination)
Peter Lewis (New Nomination & Race Secretary)
Vanessa Heasley (New Nomination)

Outgoing (with many thanks):
Yvonne Baylis
Mary Jackson
Louise Dunn
Jason Croston
Michelle White

Look forward to seeing plenty of our members next Wednesday Night @ 7:30PM. If you have any other questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to ask.

Jesse Kohn

New Club Uniforms Have Arrived!


Put your hand up if you are a little jealous now you have seen the new uniforms! I can tell you that they are pretty comfy. If you are feeling a little down for missing out on the pre-order you are in luck. There is a very limited stock left on hand if you do want to grab a t-shirt or singlet. We also have a number of hats and visors. All has been loaded into the Striders store for your Saturday night shopping pleasure.
All stock is now in one place, including the old Scody stock and Envisage stock – which are at run out prices.

Grab some race kit for those last few races of the season!

-Nicole Kohn


Based on the response to our expression of interest for the new club kit, we are now ready to take orders and payment for the new club singlet, shirt, caps and visors. The link below will take you to the order form where you can make payment and secure your pre-order.


This will be available until June 30 after which time the committee will place an order directly with 2XU. If you are considering picking up new kit any time in the near future, we highly recommend you take this opportunity, as the club will hold only very limited stock. The next pre-order may be some time away.

For all other kit in the new range (tracksuits, compression wear, and race shorts) we will continue to take expressions of interest via the existing link. However at this stage we will not be placing an order for these items until we have enough for a minimum order of 20x per item.


  • When will I receive my goods – this depends on the timeframe set by 2XU and we will advise this as soon as we are able to place the order with the supplier (soon after June 30).
  • What if the supplier price changes – if we get a large influx of orders the price may come down. If this happens you will be contacted to arrange a refund. You will not be expected to pay more than the amount listed on this current pre-order of shirts/singlets/caps/visors.
  • What if you don’t get enough orders to make up a minimum order – based on the orders received by June 30 the commitee will make a decision about whether the minimum order number can be reached. If it is impractical to place an order then everyone who has placed an order will have the option to take a refund, or keep their order in the system for the next round of orders to be placed later in 2018.

New Club Kit Released

We’re excited to announce the release of our new design club kit. Our new club partners are 2XU, only the best! As of this year we will have two options for club kit: our existing kit and the new kit. Both kit versions therefore can be worn in races and this will remain indexthe case moving forward.

We recognise that many have only recently acquired our existing singlets. Most stocks have now become exhausted, although there are still some supplies left and they are available at 50% discount.

The new additions include:

  • Race shirt
  • New style singlet
  • New style shorts
  • Compression garments
  • Tracksuit top & bottoms
  • New cap

Official Club Kit Combination
We do ask that you will strongly consider wearing both official kit tops and bottoms in order to get the full effect for our club identity. We’ve added enough options to take into account people’s preferences between shorts and compression garments.

Our kit provider is 2XU, which makes the highest quality garments. They are priced at normal retail pricing. Striders has placed no mark ups on these garments at all, so you are getting them at cost price.

The order form is to determine how many items people are prepared to order. We will need to achieve the minimum numbers on any item in order to get a run done (20). If we can get 50 orders we can get a better price. The club will hold stock but only a limited supply of the basics (singlets, shirts, polo’s). Please us the link below to go to the order form. You will not be asked to pay now, but an order is to be regarded as a firm committment to follow through on the puchase when the final order is placed and payments are taken.


“Pacer Week”

It was a cold, dreary night at the South Pine Community Church and the evening crew had just finished a tough session. I asked the team if they had any suggestions or ideas they wanted to raise at next week’s committee meeting. The fabulous Liz Gordon piped up and suggested that seeing as there are many striders that participate in Warner Lakes parkrun each week, then why don’t we offer our support to provide pacers once a month like other parkun’s do. I brought this great idea to the committee who were very supportive of the club offering our services to the good people of Warner Lakes. I made contact with the race directors who eagerly accepted our offer.

It was agreed that our pacing duties would begin on Saturday, 02 September 2017. This date coincided with their second birthday, and also the first parkrun of the month. Pacing bibs were ordered and volunteers called upon. The roster was filled almost immediately by striders eager to pace parkrunner’s to personal bests! The first pacing gig was an overwhelming success and set the tone for the months to follow. Not only were our pacers absolutely amazing with their pacing accuracy, but they did so with smiles on their faces and encouragement along the way.  I admit I was a bit apprehensive as to whether this momentum would continue. But each month as the call goes out for volunteers it is usually less than 24 hour before all the positions (all nine of them!) are filled. I don’t know many other parkrun’s that consistently provide nine pacers each month, but ours does!

The first Saturday of the month is now affectionately known as ‘pacer week’, and is embraced with open-arms by the Warner Lakes parkrun community. Our club has established a great rapport and our support is appreciated by many. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from all involved and I am genuinely excited to be a part of it each month. So far we have provided 45 pacers across five pacing duties with approximately 26 different members volunteering to date. If you would like to get involved then feel free to send me a message and I will get you sorted.

Lastly, while I may be the one organising the pacers each month, it was Liz who volunteered this great idea. I am simply piggy backing off her ingenuity. Well done Liz for such a great suggestion. The success of our involvement started and continues with you J

Anthony Fuster – Evening Crew Coach.

Great Ocean Road Running Festival 2017 – More than a marathon!

I guess it’s common for all runners to get to that point where, after half a dozen or so half marathons, you decide that you’d better at least try a marathon to see whether you’ve got what it takes to join that elite bunch of crazies. Then it comes down to which one should you choose? Continue reading “Great Ocean Road Running Festival 2017 – More than a marathon!”

Pinnacles Classic Trail Run 2017 – Michael’s Baptism Of Fire

On the weekend with a few other Striders I experienced the Pinnacles Classic Trail Race. With its main selling point (or deterrent) being 18 hills in 18kms I knew I was in for a tough baptism. The event was originally scheduled for the 2nd April however due to damage done to the area by cyclone Debbie it was postponed to the 30th. Continue reading “Pinnacles Classic Trail Run 2017 – Michael’s Baptism Of Fire”

Jason hits the Capital

I had been looking around for marathon options early in the year for a couple of reasons. First because my usual fixture of Gold Coast marathon is out for me this year because of holiday plans, but also because I wanted a solid block of training without the work travel that I typically have in May and June each year. So after tossing up a few I came up with Canberra. The last time I had been to Canberra was 13 years ago and not really great circumstances. After being away overseas for 7 weeks I found out on the way home in Singapore that my Uncle from Canberra had suffered a stroke and was critical in hospital. Unfortunately I got the news that he had passed away when I got off the plane in Brisbane and so promptly booked a flight down to the capital to be with my family. It was a pretty sad time because he was only in his mid 50s and I remember him as being my Dad’s eldest brother and a big strong Canadian fellow. So it was kind of strange going down there because I had been there quite a bit as a kid to see my Uncle and cousins but life got busy in the meantime and I hadn’t been back. My kids had also missed out on the usual Canberra trips for school because of changing schools so Emma and I thought we would all go down and have a look around. We did that and it was great to see places like the Parliament Houses (the old one is better), Questacon, Telstra Tower and the Australian War Memorial which was a highlight. It was even greater to see my Aunty and cousins.

I also had a marathon to run and a goal which was 3:10 or a pace of 4:30 per kilometre which would get me well within the 3:15 that I need to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Continue reading “Jason hits the Capital”

2016/17 Club Championship Leaderboard

Congratulations to all that ran a tough run out at St Lucia for Twilight last weekend and hopefully everyone has recovered well.  It is always a challenging event and everyone who took part should be congratulated for their efforts.  In an effort to stimulate some healthy interest and competition amongst our members this year we have decided to keep you all updated as we progress through the Championship events on the points tally and so here it is so far.  Not much in it of course but it is early days.

Current Leaderboard

After two rounds of the 2016/17 Club Championships the tally is as follows (and in no particular order:

Yvonne Baylis                 10 points
Louise Dunn                   10 points
Kelly Bobir                     10 points
Ryan Moore                    10 points
Peter Lewis                    10 points
Paul Gourlay                   10 points
Brad Lacey                     8 points
Jenny Cawood                 8 points
Liz Gordon                     8 points
Stan Fetting                   8 points
Jesse Kohn                  6 points
Clodagh Kusemamuriwo       6 points
Corne Grotius                 6 points

Who’s ready for round 3, “PINNACLES Trail Race” fast approaching on 2 April closely followed by round 4, “GREAT SOUTH EAST RUN” the following weekend 9 April 2017? Got to be in it to win it

Good Luck Everyone …. Get out there and run!

I would encourage everyone to have a look at the Club Championship Calendar and plan out some events this year.  Having goals and milestones throughout the year helps to keep you motivated and your motivation will in turn help to motivate others.

Next up is Round 3…for all those trail running fans out there, Pinnacles is a cracker.  18 hills over 18 km and don’t underestimate those hills!  But… it is definitely worth it.  So, if events are your thing, get online, hit enter, and lets see how the leaderboard stands after round 3.   Good Luck everyone!