Secret Squirrel Running

Have you ever had to sneak out for a run?  Some clubbies have got very supportive families and partners when it comes to running, but others have to finely balance their time and priorities in order to get out for a run. Spare a thought for Wilf Cooper.  He’s been secretly running half marathons without his wife knowing, except now he got busted when his wife spotted him on television!  Wilf should have had this covered by now, after all he is 90 years old!  Read more here.

Guess Who Is Also A Runner?


We in Queensland like to think that we’ve got one up on the other States in Australia because our Premier Anna Bligh is a runner.  She trains with the Pat Carrol Training Group and competes at the main events.  She did the 10km at the Gold Coast marathon last weekend.

There are a few other pollies who run, but most of them tend to be males.

The latest USA version of Runners World features Sarah Palin, who is also a fellow runner.  She looks the part, and I’m sure she’s an inspiration for plenty of women (except Democrat voters!).

After announcing her resingation as Governor of Alaska she will no doubt have plenty mroe time to train.  Runners in Alaska must be a hardy bunch with such cold temperatures!

Read it at Runners World here.

Australia loses a running legend

kerryn1Australia has lost one if its most legendary running legends – Kerryn McCann, who has succumbed to cancer at the young age of 41.  I have a poster of her on my office door showing her crossing the line at the 2006 Commonwealth Games triumphant after an emphatic victory thanks to her courageous attitude towards running.

She no doubt applied this tenacity to her fight with cancer but unfortunately she has lost her battle and leaves behind a husband and three children.  Even before her passing, she has been widely recognised as being a warm and generous person who touched many.  She set an example for us in running and in life.  Long may her memory inspire others, especially women, to achieve all they can whilst they can.