Running Magazines

There are 2 running mags available in Australia: Runner’s World and R4YL [Run for Your Life]. I read both every month and have followed their progress fro some time now. Both can be a great help to you as you learn to become a more knowledgeable runner.

Runner’s World has improved greatly in recent months. If the forums are anything to go by there is a lot of criticism from runners about the generic nature of RW’s content. RW is syndicated from the USA and anyone who has backdated copies from a few years will recognise the generic training tips etc that are reconstituted [or at least it seems that way]. The launch of R4YL has created a lot of interest. R4YL is an Australian mag for Australian runners by Australian runners. The content is ‘local rich’ and there are plenty of race reports and updates on current and past athletes.

Until recently RW only had one Australian based journo but the local content seems to have increased markedly in recent times. I would imagine that RW needs to compete better with R4YL and having more local content is a good way to go. When I was in South Africa I bought a copy of their own RW [also syndicated] and it has plenty of local content. Their website is also very helpful and I regularly visit it to print out pacing wristbands [look at the top of the page].

Especially helpful are the Shoe Buyers Guides. RW do a good job with this and I have used their guide as my authoritative info source on the new shoes available and the changes that have been made in technology. The individual comments by testers are not so important, the technical stuff is gold as is the weight and price.

R4YL is a very interesting read, and its local content is the highlight for me. It usually takes me the better part of a month before I finished reading it in drips and drabs. I especially like it when my name appears in it [alas only once]. Vanity is alive and well!

I find my back catalogue useful for accessing training routines for races of different lenghts. I don’t always follow them absolutely but I do find them useful for comparison at least. It’s important to communicate the untouchable nature of your mags to fellow family members. I’ve regularly salvaged precious mags from the recycle bin. Have a safe stash point and keep a mental note of the articles and training programs they have in them.

When it comes to birthdays, fathers/mothers day, Christmas etc, suggesting a subscription as an ideal gift helps out your family. they don’t have to run the risk of buying you something you don’t want, plus you get a years subscription. I love it when I get home after a long day to find the latest issue hot of the press waiting for me.

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