Training Plan For Gold Coast Marathon

training-plan500Here is the current version (updates can be made) of our Training Plan to Gold Coast Marathon.  You can either read it below or view the full colour version as a PDF which you can download. Remember to read all the explanatory notes before delving into the schedule. To download hit the button below or read further. Continue reading “Training Plan For Gold Coast Marathon”

How To Run Faster The Older You Get

As much as I struggle to accept it, I’ve now entered my middle ages.  I’m 47, and there’s no denying it.  It looks bad on paper but it doesn’t have to feel that bad in life.  Thanks to a lifestyle of running and fitness and the blessing of health I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been.  And I’m running the fastest I’ve ever run. I’ve just returned from the Comrades Marathon in South Africa having achieved my running dream off the back of some key changes to my training and racing strategy. If my health allows me to continue running, these changes will help keep me running long into my twilight years, or here’s hoping! I think these key changes can help anyone no matter how old or young.  See what you think: Continue reading “How To Run Faster The Older You Get”

Twilight Half Marathon Training Plan

Your club coaches for morning and evening have a full plan including intervals & hills worked out for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners leading up to the Twilight Half Marathon on Sunday night March 18.  The plan includes a 5km and 10km time trial which is ESSENTIAL so that we can work out your pacing for the Half. The 10km time trial will be run by Striders out at Sandgate on a Saturday night to help acclimatise you to night running (which is VERY different). Continue reading “Twilight Half Marathon Training Plan”