First Time Racers Advice

First Timer for the Brisbane Marathon Festivcal? If you are remember to take it all in and enjoy the occasion. How you do doesn’t matter all that much. Having fun does matter. Make sure you don’t put any pressure on yourself and burden yourself too much with expectations. You will have plenty more opportunities to get serious at other races. Race day is a buzz, it’s an occasion so get into the spirit of it and have a great time!

Race Start: 9:00am. Get there well early so that you can be sorted out without being hurried. You will need to go to the dunny as well beforehand it pays to get there early to ensure you aren’t caught with your pants down at the starting gun! Whether we get a tentspace or not we will assemble together afterwards in the recovery section to swap stories and hi five everyone home. When you see some fellow Striders out on the course make sure you encourage them!

First Kilometre: this is usually chaos, so be careful not to race off and blow your pacing plan. Be careful not to trip up and go over on your ankle either. Be super aware of all the people around you and concentrate on getting out onto the course safely. The race will thin out within the first 2km’s, so just be patient. No need to race at the beginning, just take it easy.

Your photo will be taken during the race, give them a wave and a smile and remember to look good across the line. You can order your picture online after the race.

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