Striders Girl Debuts In London Marathon

wendylondonfinishWendy Clark made her marathon debut at the London Marathon on April 26 in a fantastic time of 3hrs38min.  The London Marathon snakes its way past plenty of iconic landmarks and attracts an enormous field of British and international runners.

After a lengthy and dedicated training run up which included plenty of long runs and sore muscles, Wendy easily nailed her first marathon, joining the select few Striders women to have completed a marathon. Training included plenty of early morning interval and hill sessions, lots of lunchtime running and also plenty of Saturday long runs.  wendy was supported by her sisters on plenty of the runs and also by fellow Striders.

Congratulations Wendy, we are looking forward to seeing you unleashed on the Queensland marathon scene! For those of you who read this and are inspired remember that we have two coaches in Striders who are very experienced at the marathon and ultra-marathon – so why not give it a go?  There are plenty of opportunities on the SE QLD running calendar for half marathons and 3 options for marathons.wendylondonbp

To read the story of the race go to the official site here for men, and here for women. The womens winner is 36 years of age, which should serve as an inspiration to many.

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