Striders At MousDash

Abi & Karen - Mo Sista's

Tony Banfield took on the mighty Mt Coottha recently in the MousDash, here’s how it went:

It was a beautiful morning on Mt Coo’tha. I met up with Karen and Abi and a friend of mine from work. We had a chat and a catch up and got down to business. BTW, Karen and Abi were both sporting very respectable Mo’s as Mo Sistas, and they were’nt even fake! Kidding!

Started run at just past 7am and next thing found Karen up ahead some 200m up the hill. We asked her where Abi was and she said she had charged ahead. So off I went in search of Abi. Found her some 200m further ahead. Stayed and chatted for awhile and then I headed off. This was all on the initial hill of about 2.5 – 3 km long – depends who you ask. Run was up and down from there on in with a good descent lasting about 3 – 4 kms where I think we all took a crash course in racing downhill. I know I did. Some must do it naturally, hey Abi & Karen? Makes me sick!

Thanks to Photo Events for excellent pics.


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