Kurrawa to Duranbah 13 Dec 2009

What an enjoyable event! I had to compete for a cab with the late night or early morning youth out clubbing and returning to wherever at 4:30am on a Sunday morning! There were a total of 190 Runners running either the solo 25km, relay 25km x 2 or solo 50km and the starting ‘pistol’ comprising of an ‘Ok, go’. The race is from Broadbeach to Danger Point Coolangatta. There are no km marker boards, you know you’ve done 25km’s when you get to the turning point for the 50km event.

I met some interesting people. One 67 year old who ran 25km’s in 2hrs and is apparently a bit of a legend as far as running goes, Goes by the name of the ‘Sylva Fox’. Julie and Wendy, Margaret of Toowoomba Road Runners asked after you but was overjoyed that neither of you were present.

Margaret was adamant that the event was not a race and proceeded to run just over 2hrs! Another runner whose name I did not get who is aiming to nail his first sub 3 hr in Canberra this year. Anyway, many others as well. As for the ocean…it was so cool to run alongside the ocean with breaking waves some metres away for about 90% of the 25km. That’s it for now. Well done to Victory Sports for organising. See you next year with some club mates hopefully. I (Tony Banfield) did the 25km in my target time of sub 2 hr. Now the next time you’ll see me running will be 1 Feb 2010.

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