Twilight Running Festival 2010 Report

So, unless I have it totally wrong, this is the first Half Marathon of the season for all, or most, of our club runners. This is not the eaiest of Half Marathon courses and it keeps you honest and hardworking for most/all of the way. Even so, there were some good times set for so early in the season (Stan Fetting 1:29:46 ; Paul Dack 1:36:33). Some people just keep improving and you wonder what time they are capable of ….. with a little training (Duncan Price 1:42:37). Others did’nt quite achieve the times they had set themselves as targets and this is where the runner in each comes out. For these people you need to reflect on the run, learn from it, put it in the bag, leave it there and work on the next target. Pat yourself on the back for completing yet another run! Every run, good or not so good, has lessons in it to learn from. It looks as if it’s going to be a competitive year… There were also a couple of 10km entrants as well as the latest and greatest young runners, Matthew (5:08) and Emily (5:22), following in Dads foot steps and running really good 1km times. Dad may have to actually start training a bit….. Well done Matthew and Emily! See full result at the website

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