Noosa Half Marathon Race Report

The Striders crowd had a great weekend up in Noosa for the Half, with brilliant weather and as usual with USM events, excellent organisation.

I headed up under an injury cloud and under orders from the physio not to race at full pace so I decided to pace Jerrod (Dawg). Jacko was a late entrant, picking up a place from a guy who blew his calf getting out the water in the swim on Saturday.

Sunday morning came and the weather was awesome. Wayne ran with the 1:30 pace group although their pace leader was all over the shop. Paul Dack (Wayne)  showed that all his training has paid off and decided to run his own race with more disciplined pacing. Duncan Price (Sherlock) took an early lead and kept within striking distance of Wayne, whilst Michael Stark (Mancoach) donned the headphones and ran his own pace as well, showing good discipline not trying to chase Sherlock. Behind Mancoach I was pacing Dawg. and doing a bad job! Between his Garmin and my experience we still couldn’t slow down and ended up a minute too fast over the first 10km. Dawg had it in him to run the 1:40 group pace so the plan was to stick with them all the way until the final 3km and then get out in front of them and get Dawg a 1:30something after his name. Jacko was holding it nice and steady just behind Dawg, and around him was also Jenny Cawood and Tommy Donnet, who turned up flustered 5 min before the start having run 4km to get there and not having picked up his race pack! Despite that bad start to the day Tommy looked strong and put in a big effort on the road.

Wayne took Striders line honours with a sizzling 1:29:43, average pace 4:15, 127th our of 1,195, 23rd in age group, lap 1- 44:16 – lap 2- 45:26) – congratulations Wayne!

Sherlock, the sly copper that he is smoked in well ahead of Mancoach with a 1:32:48! 187th out of 1,195, average pace 4:23 per/km, 27th in age group, lap 1- 45:2, lap 2: 1 47:26 [laps 10.55km] Well run Sherlock, as usual pacing himself very well with an economical style.

Mancoach continued the theme of the day: massive improvements, with a creditable 1:35:58, average pace 4:32, 39th in age group, lap 1 – 46:58, lap 2 – 48:59.

Dawg toughed it out home after passing the 1:40 marker with 3km to go. When we crossed the 21km mark I said “Dawg, 100m to go, you’re a hurdler, and the mongrel took off and left me for dead, streaking through. 1:38:51!!! average pace 4:41, 58th in age group, lap 1 – 49:58, lap 2- 48:53 NEGATIVE SPLIT!!!

Jenny Cawood was a 1:43:00 on the dot, and was smiling from ear to ear at the finish as she has been fighting an injury niggle.

Average pace 4:52, First lap 52:17, 2nd lap 50:42 ANOTHER GREAT NEGATIVE SPLIT!

Tommy Donnet ran an excellent 1:51:28,  Average pace 5:17, 1st lap 52:19, 2nd lap 50:09, 17th in age group.

More news to come of more Striders, stay tuned.

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