Scaling Heights And Settling Scores At Pinnacles Classic

A gallant bunch of Striders (and some Redcliffe Tri crew) ventured to the Pinnacles Classic Trail Run last weekend. The Pinnacles Classic is described as 18 hills in 18km’s, and that is no exaggeration! Boasting hills named as ‘The Mother’, ‘The Brute’, ‘The B*********’, ‘The Double Whammy’ gives you an idea of the arduous nature of the run and the cruel nature of the organisers! Amongst the aspirants were a few Pinnacles Virgins: Ernie, Emma & Michael. Jerrod came along and ended up volunteering as a race official and as our photographer. He took more photos of himself than anything else but that’s another story.

The big grudge match in this years race was between Stan Fetting (representing the old guys) and Greg Hall (aka Greg Dog), after the young upstart stole the mountain goat crown from Stan last year in a desperate dash to the finish. The little schemer missed out on the Twilight Half Marathon as well leaving Stan broken and behind in training (arguably). The battle was finely set with Stan time trialing earlier during the week but Greg having superior conditioning and rest.

Interviewed after the race Stan with his typical graciousness said “I needn’t have worried as I lost the little runt in the first km and my tactic of walking as late as possible ensured a growing gap. I kept running until we got to the first ‘unmentionable climb’ and simply had to walk up that one. The rest of the ‘unmentionables’ required walking as well as the ‘Double Whammy’ but after that the topography went from insane to only slightly insane and I ran from that point on, making sure the young upstart didn’t replicate his cowardly stalking tactics from last year.”

Stan came in 5th in a time of 1:36:24 whilst Greg came 8th in 1:42:52. Michael Stark debuted strongly in 20th position with a 1:54:35, as did Emma Chandler was 8th female in 2:06:59. Ernie Patterson debuted in 2:25:40 and Mary Jackson notched up yet another Pinnacles and as usual was chaperoning a group of runners from Redcliffe Tri Club with customary humour and encouragement. Jerrod was a star as chief cheerer at halfway, despite being distracted with taking lots of photos of himself, nearly filling a 2GIG SD card with pics of his ugly mug (as shown below)

So the battle between the old guys and the young guys moves on to Noosa Half Marathon and eventually the Gold Coast Marathon.  Many thanks to the organisers for another excellent event, which we’ll continue to support.

Starkie, Stan & Greg Dog get ready
Final adjustments before the gun - Starkie, Stan & Emma
Ernie Patterson drinks up at halfway
Greg Dog slakes his thirst ready for more hills!
Mary still smiling (centre)
Starkie coasts through halfway
Jerrod close up
Tired but happy Striders celebrate the finish

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