Historic Meeting For Future Of Striders

At an historic meeting on March 16 a decision was formally made to constitute formally as an independent association.  The meeting also appointed three interim officers: Stan Fetting – Interim President, Michael Stark – Interim Secretary, Karen Brown – Interim Treasurer. The meeting also agreed to a Club Constitution and Membership Policy.The key decisions made at the meeting surrounded our classes of membership.  There are 4 kinds of membership:

Ordinary Members – 18 years and over, full access to coached sessions, voting rights and eligible for appointment to management committee. $50 per year.

Junior Members – under 18 years, full access to coached sessions, no voting rights or appointment to management committee. $25 per year.

Social Members (with walkers in mind in particular), 18 years and over, no access to coached sessions, voting rights and eligible for appointment to management committee. $25 per year.

Life Members – members who are recognised for exceptional service to the club over many years.  These recognitions are rare but important.

Non members have a 3 week grace period to try out the club, free of charge.  After 3 weeks they will be invited to join or pay a non-members fee of $5 per session.

Once our club is established and financial, membership charges will be reviewed and will hopefully include a club shirt.

From left: Stan Fetting - Interim President, Karen Brown - Interim Treasurer, Michael Stark - Interim Secretary

Where to from here?

From here an application will be made to the Qld government for incorporation as an association.  After that we will call our first official meeting of the new association and appoint officers and a management team.  A bank account will be opened and online registration and payment for club membership will commence.

Clubbies will be encouraged to join and also to nominate for appointment to the management committee.  We need a range of people with skills to help us grow as a club, everything from good social organisers, to race organisers to admin skills.  Watch this space.

In the meantime, download minutes of meetings and key documents below:

Striders Public Meeting Minutes & Addendums

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