Striders Launch Inaugural Membership

During July we are launching our inaugural membership. All regulars are encouraged to sign up for our membership system. Before we get into details of that here’s some background to how we got here:

Why Have Membership?

We have moved beyond a simple ‘runing group’ and seek to grow as a club and offer more to our members. Like all other clubs, we need to move towards a membership system that allows us to have a budget that funds club expenses and aids the growth and development of the club. The expectation that we can grow or offer any services or support at all for free is unrealistic. Expenses are incurred in the normal running of our club already but our capacity to grow and improve has been stunted by lack of funds.

How Did You Come Up With The New System?

We studied the membership policies of other clubs, including Redcliffe Tri Club. They have an annual membership fee plus charges for all coached sessions. We decided to go for a flat annual fee that is all inclusive for those accessing coached sessions.

What It Our New System?

We have three kinds of membership for weekly users (plus an honorary life membership award):

1. Ordinary Members

Ordinary members must be over 18 years old, pay an annual fee of $50 and attend all coached sessions free of charge and can access personal advice from coaches.

2. Social Membership

Social Membership is especially for our walkers who don’t access coaching and supervision or runners who are happy to run socially as opposed to training for events and accessing coaching. Social Members must be over 18 years old, do not access coached sessions and pay an annual fee of $25.

3. Junior Members

Junior members must be under 18 years of age, pay an annual fee of $15 and attend all coached sessions for free.

What Do Non-Members Pay?

From August when our new system is fully operational newcomers or (existing runners who prefer not to become members) will have a 3 week period of grace to work out if they would like to join the club. If not they are welcome to attend but pay $5 per coached session.

Do We Have Reciprocal Membership?

For those who belong to other clubs, we are keen to establish reciprocal members rights. We are exploring this with Redcliffe Tri Club. This would mean that reciprocal members pay a discounted fee per coached session in recognition of reciprocal membership. This has bnot been formally agreed to yet between Striders and Redcliffe, watch this space.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The expenditure of money will be used for the following kinds of expenses: Insurance, Web, Coach registration, equipment, publicity and marketing, training courses, uniforms, awards, race organisation, etc. The finances of the club can be viewed by members through a request to our Treasurer, and we would expect to have an annual budget by the start of the next financial year.

Does The Club Have Sponsorship?

We are currently marketing annual sponsorship at $500 per package for the next financial year.  Click on the links in the sidebar to sign up.


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