Mt Glorious Trail Run

This run was held on 4 February 2012. It’s organised by TRAQ or at least the details of the run can be found there as can many other trail running events. It was run from Cedar Flats on the other side of Mt Glorious and run on fire trails up to Mt Glorious itself. There were a total of about 150 runners on this day which represents a full field for events like this. Numbers are limited due to National Parks restrictions but more importantly for the safety of competitors. It was a fun run in great conditions with some honest hills in it. I would encourage all to have a browse of the TRAQ website, pick an event and go and do it. There is less pressure on time and absolutely no disgarce in walking sections. Especially some of the hills. Well, that’s it. Just a quick blurb and hopefully it will convince more of you into the bush. Remember, you can take the man out of the bush but not the bush out of the man. Happy running!

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