Race Report : Pinnacles 2012

It was near perfect conditions for the 2012 Pinnacles Classic with a little bit of mist and light drizzle at the highest point. Myself, Dave Holland and a last minute replacement for the injured and still hill-shy Karen Brown, her husband Scott, all represented Striders in the green and white with Mary Jackson (saint), Karen Reardon (nana), donning the yellow of Redcliffe Tri Club and being joined by several others from the club.
The event was well organised, as usual, and was sold out early. The start was divided into four waves 10 mins apart, which avoided congestion early on.
This years race was the ‘clockwise’ route, with most of the quad mangling hills on the first half of the course, it’s not for the faint hearted, and the naming of the hills is apt. The back half offered more undulation and shorter hills until the monster descent at the end. Just when you think it’s downhill all the way, there’s a kick-in-the-arse uphill, before its back to freewheeling to the finish.
Dave Holland was first strider home in 9th place in 1hr 35 mins, one place behind the first female. An impressive performance with only two other competitors older, both slower and neither could match his fine head of hair.
Other times were:
Paul Dack  1hr 38mins.
Scott Brown 2hrs.
Karen Reardon 2hrs 15mins
Mary Jackson 2hrs 16mins
Tina Florance 2hrs 34mins
Pleasure in pain is a necessity and the relief to reach the end was shared by all.
Afterwards there was a sausage sizzle, cereal and fruit. Soft drinks, a very dubious coconut drink and even a slab of beer as refreshments.
Reporting a week after the event and with the return of functional quads, I can now say it was a challenging race and worth every cent of the $25 entry and I’ll be there again next year and I’d recommend everyone to give it a go.
Report by Dackie

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