Striders At Gold Coast Marathon 2012

A good bunch of Striders headed down to the premier running event in SE Queensland this weekend for the Gold Coast Marathon Festival.  Julie Turner kicked off the weekend in style with a blistering 38:51 in the Southern Cross University 10km.  Julie had a seeded start after taking out her age group at the Noosa 10km and she used it to good effect.  In a very competitive field she placed 3rd in her category and of course posted another consistently fast time. On Sunday we had a number of Half and Marathon debutantes who all did remarkably well on what turned out to be a hot day for the marathoners. Ryan Moore made a fantastic debut for the marathon in a 3:16 with a well paced race.  Yvonne Baylis also made a fast debut at marathon with an even paced 3:30.  Scotty Brown proved you can run a marathon with no cartilage in your knee, and Tim proved that New Zealanders can run.

Results from the weekend – not totally accurate but pretty close (compiled by Mary. If you want accurate results go to the GC home page.) 10km – Julie 48, Brent 50.

Marathon – Scotty Brown 4.01, Tim Carr (aka Tum) 4.32, Sandy Scott (Sassinator) 4.16, Peter 3.28, Abigail Griffin 3.39, Ryan 3.17, Jenny C 3.49, Yvonne 3.29.

Half Marathon – Felicity Martin and Angus Martin (she dragged him through) 1.48, Zara Di Bella 1.50, Karen Brown 1.47, Amanda Macqueen 2.04, Fabian Gonzalez 2.35, Jane 2.00, Rachel 2.15, Jini 2.10, Warren Jensen (Wazza) 2.36, Corne 1.49, Thomas Donnet 1.55, Retta 2.23

Any missing times?  Please let us know and also accept our apologies.

Best looking finish goes to Browny for not even knowing she had finished.

Best spew to Scotty B. Most importantly all finished.

Most dedicated runner of all moment: a half marathoner staggered to our tent position looking very ill.  We called her over and summoned some Ambo’s. They stabilised her but she was half comatose. Despite being barely conscious she was trying to stop her watch.  She kept stabbing her finger at her Garmin but could only hit the watch strap repeatedly.  Despite her parlous state, she kept on trying to stop her watch.  This proves what a runner she was!  Even though she was gravely ill she didn’t want that clock running on her whilst she was down!  Even if she didn’t finish she still wanted to preserve her time up until that point!

Great work everyone. You have done the training so enjoy your results. Thanks to everyone who came and supported. It makes a huge difference for the runners. Look out for 2013!

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