Striders At Gold Coast Marathon 2012

A good bunch of Striders headed down to the premier running event in SE Queensland this weekend for the Gold Coast Marathon Festival.  Julie Turner kicked off the weekend in style with a blistering 38:51 in the Southern Cross University 10km.  Julie had a seeded start after taking out her age group at the Noosa 10km and she used it to good effect.  In a very competitive field she placed 3rd in her category and of course posted another consistently fast time. On Sunday we had a number of Half and Marathon debutantes who all did remarkably well on what turned out to be a hot day for the marathoners. Continue reading “Striders At Gold Coast Marathon 2012”

Gold Coast Marathon Top Ten Taper Tips

The premier running event of SE Queensland is only a week away and final training preparation us underway.  There’s not much you can do to make yourself faster right now, but there are things you can do to make yourself slower and have a really bad day.  Here’s my top taper tips: Continue reading “Gold Coast Marathon Top Ten Taper Tips”

Striders Shine At Gold Coast Marathon Festival

Matt & Emily Stark after a blistering 4km race

*Updated* This years Gold Coast Marathon saw the biggest contingent of Striders ever. As last year there were plenty of debutantes at half and full marathon. There were some inspirational performances as well, not necessarily at the front of the field. Alan Whittle is facing a heart operation in days and he defied doctors orders to finish after careful but determined training. Alan ran across the line with Fabian Gonzales (Pix) who hit trouble at 27km’s. As usual, the race was graced by the presence of the perpetual angel who never runs for herself and always helps others to get across the line. Mary Jackson helped Fabian push through the barriers and eventually gathered Alan as well. The genetic freaks at the front are impressive but the people who finish despite significant difficulty (and those who help them) are inspiring.

The debutantes are inspiring as well. Each Half Marathon and Marathon medalists are winners in their own right. Many have come a long way from the couch, into an active life and to the point where they set themselves big goals and have now achieved them. Continue reading “Striders Shine At Gold Coast Marathon Festival”

Striders Perform At Gold Coast Marathon

Mary Jackson, Pamela Murch & Stan Fetting after the Gold Coast Marathon.

A large contingent of Striders travelled to the Gold Coast Marathon this weekend to contest 3 distances: 10km, Half and Marathon.  We had a number of people doing their first Half, including the incredible Tommy Donnet, who came in at 1hr43min taking out 5th place in his category, Male 60-65.  Congratulations Tommy, you continue to astound us all!  Another great debut was Pamela Murch in in the marathon.  Fresh from Wales and a recent newcomer to Striders morning and evening sessions, Pamela overcame injury and posted an amazing 3:46. Pamela’s beaming smile almost outdid the sunshine and she’s probably still smiling today.  It’s great to see someone do so well after so much hard work and enjoy the benefits so visibly!

Karen Brown nailed a 1:42 Half, must be that new 2XU outfit she was sporting!

Emily Glegg contested the 10km and took out 8th place in her category with a 49:01. Others to debut at the Half were Jess Flintoff with an awesome 1:51 and Jo Filmalter who came in under her goal of 2hrs at 1:57.  Well done girls!

Stan just missed out on a sub 3 marathon with 3:00:23 after struggling with a calf injury from 25km, and Jenny Cawood continued her remarkable run with a 3:44 marathon.  Mary paced Jo C through her first marathon with a 4:47.  Mary rarely races for herself and always helps others out, a true clubster and coach!

I have the results of those who I know, and will add more as I become aware of them.  Here’s the list so far, (all showing chip times and not gun times) and some more pics: Continue reading “Striders Perform At Gold Coast Marathon”

Getting Your Pace Right At Gold Coast

With only days to go you should by now  have an idea of what time you are capable of running, and then working out what pace that is per/km. Using the km markers, you must stick to your pace and no faster. You can go faster over the last 3km’s of the 10km if you are capable, and in the Half once you have passed 17km you can think about getting faster. If you have a 3km or 5km [even better] time trial time, you can work off that. You will not be too much better than predicted, so don’t get any flash ideas.

The best and fastest way of doing it is to use the web resources I am providing the link to. Continue reading “Getting Your Pace Right At Gold Coast”

Gold Coast Marathon – Final Preparations

The Big Green Striders Marquee will be at the Gold Coast Marathon  when you arrive.  Plan on staying  to have lunch with your fellow Striders after the race.  There are plenty of eateries nearby. The marquee will be put up on Saturday lunch-time.

For those of you who are nervous, I’ve included my well rehearsed race day routines here below: Continue reading “Gold Coast Marathon – Final Preparations”

Looking Ahead at our Race Schedule

Our next big goal as a club is the Gold Coast Marathon – 6 July

Check out the website and enter here:

It is the Striders Half Championships, so trophies up for grabs! The half is only 8 weeks away.

In the meantime a good sharpener is the Doomben Half Marathon 10km race on Sunday June 1. The Striders club marquee will be there and quite a few runners are taking the opportunity for a good hit out at 10km. The Moss family are featured in this website!