Striders Club Championship Points

To make it easier to keep an up to date Club Championship Leaderboard we are putting the onus back on runners to let us know when & what they have run so that we can accurately compile and allocate championship points for our Annual Club Champion Award. If you would like to qualify for points please check the list and submit your times.

Our championship points races are:

The Club Championship races for 2012 are:

1.  Twilight Running Festival: Sunday night 18 March (10km, Half marathon)

2.  Pinnacles Classic: Saturday morning 14 April (18km trail)

3.  Noosa Half Marathon: Sunday morning 6 May (10km, Half marathon)

4.  Gold Coast Marathon: Saturday 30 June-Sunday 1 July (10km, Half marathon, marathon)

5.  Jetty @ Jetty: Sunday morning 15 July (10km, Half marathon)

6.  Brisbane Running Festival: Sunday morning 5 August (10km, Half marathon, Marathon)

7.  Sunshine Coast Marathon Festival: 26 August: (10km, Half marathon, Marathon)

8.  Bridge 2 Brisbane: Sunday morning 2 September (10km)

9.  Toowoomba Marathon: Sunday morning October 14 (10km, Half marathon, Marathon)

First place in a distance category gets the winner 10 points, second place 8, 3rd 6, 4th 4, 5th 2 and 6th 1.

Use the form provided to submit your details including: Race/Race Number/Time.  Remember that in order to qualify for Championship points you need to be a financial club member at the time, and also we ask that all club members competing for points wear Striders kit.  If you didn’t have any at the time that’s ok, we won’t get all snotty about it….this year. But next year, no excuses.

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