A Striders Christmas

1424423_10202667606638360_1459332663_nT’was the night before the Variety Santa Fun Run,

there wasn’t a sound but Santa suits lay around,

We’d pre-race loaded with pasta not beer,

hoping that many Santa’s would in the morning appear.

Striders all around were snuggled up safe in their beds,

whilst dreams of early LSD runs danced ‘round in their heads,

Early morning sunrise and the alarm broke through the quiet,

Striders all around jumped up with excitement.


It was time to get up and lace our best shoes,

in the hope that Southpine Striders might make the news,

We met early at the church to prepare for the trip,

the kids on the seats could barely sit.

The kids and Scotty Brown could not contain their excitement,

as we parked in Brisbane town,

The cars were parked and it was time to dress,

Santas would soon be all around to impress.


Sandy had modified her Santa suit,

we were all jealous that she had as we took ours out of the boot,

Baggy pants held up with long red string, shirts and belts completed the thing,

A furry beard and a big red hat,

we were almost ready and Variety would benefit from that.


A stop along the way to the start,

And a photo opportunity the crew could not go past,

Smiles from all, the excitement building,

Children of Variety everywhere benefit from our planning.


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