Striders Young Guns At Gold Coast

Hi my name is Monique and I did the 4km Junior Dash at the Gold Coast airport marathon 2014. The amount of support and cheering we had during the run was incredible and the water station was packed with volunteers. The volunteers were kind and encouraging.

Two things I wasn’t a fan of were being crushed at the start of the race and the weather which was a little hot I had a bit of heat stroke, but I still finished the race and everything else was great.

Here are the results for Striders:

2km results

Harrison Turner (winner of the 2km junior dash with the extraordinary time of)           6:55

Blake Turner (1st 7-8 yr old category)                  7:34

Gabby Martin (6th female overall and 4th in her category)    7:42

Jani Martin                     10:23

Harrison Bushell             10:47

4km results

(The winning time of the 4km dash finished in an amazing 13 mins 15 sec)

Jake Martin                  18:25

Riley Bushell                 19:41

What great efforts from all of the kids in Striders .


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