Toowoomba Marathon 2014

A small group of Striders made the journey to Toowoomba for the Toowoomba marathon last Sunday.  While Toowoomba is a tough course I love the small community feel of this event and this year was even better.

Sadly Toowoomba Road Runners lost a founding member earlier this year.  Roger Guard and his wife were passengers on the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down over Ukraine.  The marathon has been renamed the ‘Roger Guard Memorial Marathon’ in his honour.

The weather was relatively kind to us, with the outside temperature about 13 degrees at the start.  However there was a strong westerly wind blowing making the last couple of km back to the finish a little tough but giving the runners a nice tail wind up that long slow climb up West St.  All the Striders who started their races finished (results and times below) and were rewarded in the recovery tent with a vast array of home baking!  Heaven!!  I was able to have a coffee and stuff my face while cheering on and photographing club buddies as they came in.  Life doesn’t get much better.  We finished our morning in Toowoomba with a hot brunch in town before heading back home.

Competing in the 10K event:
Gillian Davison 52:51
Sandy Scott 58:15
Gail Banfield 1:24:18 accompanied by Claire Baylis 1:24:18 (sorry Gail I suspect she chewed your ear the whole way)
Tony Banfield 1:24:45 running buddy to an older gentleman.

Half marathon:
Paul Dack 1:28:43 1st place in his category
Enda Cotter 1:33:34 2nd place in his category
Yvonne Baylis 1:35:18 1st place in my category (and PB for a half JJJ)

Stan Fetting 3:09:30 1st place in his category
David Orr 3:55:57 great time for his first marathon in many (I think he said 15) years.
Josh Strider 4:08:32 and Josh lived up to his nick name ‘Jumpin Josh’ with a sprint and jump for joy at the finish line.

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