The Glorious Mountain

On the 7th of March 2015 the MT Glorious trail race was taken on by 5 striders. Mt Glorious is a challenging race with a total of 1200m climbing and 650m of descent. This terrain does not go without reward with some amazing rainforest and free lunch at the end.

You pile into the car to the start line hoping that no keys have been locked in cars. In the event this does happen there is plenty of food at the finish line so you can make a morning of joking about keys being locked in the car. These thought are quickly overcome as war stories from previous years get traded and you begin to wonder why you signed up for the race again.

The starting bag pipes go of as you run into the bush with a light fog in the air. You truly feel what running is about. This is short lived as within 50m you cross a river and start a 3km climb that brings everyone to a walk. You finally reach the top and get a chance to loosen up the legs as you run jump slide and weave for 4km of descent. By the time you reach the bottom of the next 7km climb the legs are shattered and you start to wish you had done a flat marathon. There is rewarded for all this hard work with the last 2km being on a thin single track that has you ducking and weaving through the beautiful green shrubbery. You begin to enjoy the run when without warning you pop out of the bush into the finishing shute to the cheer of a handful of people.

Everyone sat down after the race to enjoy the supplied food and talk about how much fun the race was ( ah, I’m still trying to figure out where this fun comes from) and to cap off the perfect race no keys were locked in cars.

Special mention is given to Grant from Bunyaville trail runners for taking some amazing photos.


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