3 Older Chaps and an Apprentice – The Training is almost done!

Oxfam Trailwalker (I think these guys missed the bit about walking in the brief!) is only a couple of weeks away now (19-21 June) and the fellas have been consistently training and no doubt getting to know each other a whole lot better after many hours together working the trails.  The teams latest blog from the website is below and if you would like to help them get to their fundraising goal, please follow the link attached. These guys have big goals…. lets get behind them!


31 May 2015: We have been scoping out the hills of Brisbane Forest Park over the past month or so and are pleased to say that our training is going to plan. It has been great seeing other Oxfam teams out and about on the trails, putting effort in to getting prepared for the big day which is now less than three weeks away. Seeing some of the trail in light and dark has given us perspective of what is likely going to confront us over the day. Hopefully we will see some of you at various checkpoints along the way, feel free to come and heckle us along the course and tell us to get a move on. If you want to know where we will aim to be during the day, drop us a line.

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