Wild Horse at Night

Trails… in the dark…. Yvonne and Jason took on the challenge of Wild Horse at Night last weekend and for anyone considering it, heres a bit of an insight.

Saturday 18th June at 6pm a whole bunch of crazy people lined up to run the Wild Horse @ night events put on by Run Qld. There were three race distances run, 10k, 16k and 25k. I believe only two Striders ran, Jason Manktelow in the 10k event & myself in the 25k.

The conditions were much tougher than I’d anticipated. The terrain was continually changing. There were long sections of soft sand, patches of slippery mud, lots of large deep puddles, sections of very uneven rocky track and generally lots of rough uneven surface. 100% concentration on where you placed your feet was essential. Remember this is also in the dark, no moon, no light other than the lamp on your head which seemed blindingly bright in my living room!

The 25k event started first, followed 10 min later by the 16k runners & another 10 mins later the 10k runners. I started near the front group and managed to stay near the lead for the whole race. Although for most of the race it seemed I was out in the dark in the forest by myself. No sign of anyone in front or behind me. The only clue I’m going the right way the reflectors hanging from tree branches every 200m or so. It’s not a race for the faint-hearted or those scared of the dark…like me. It was a huge incentive for me to push hard & get back to the finish as quickly as possible. Needless to say I was very happy when I started to catch up with the last of the 16k runners in the last few kilometers of the race and then approach the finish.

Jason ran an incredible race finishing in 43:19 and placing 2nd overall & 1st in his category.

I was very happy with my 12th place overall and 5th female in 2:14:39.



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