2016/17 Club Championship Leaderboard

Congratulations to all that ran a tough run out at St Lucia for Twilight last weekend and hopefully everyone has recovered well.  It is always a challenging event and everyone who took part should be congratulated for their efforts.  In an effort to stimulate some healthy interest and competition amongst our members this year we have decided to keep you all updated as we progress through the Championship events on the points tally and so here it is so far.  Not much in it of course but it is early days.

Current Leaderboard

After two rounds of the 2016/17 Club Championships the tally is as follows (and in no particular order:

Yvonne Baylis                 10 points
Louise Dunn                   10 points
Kelly Bobir                     10 points
Ryan Moore                    10 points
Peter Lewis                    10 points
Paul Gourlay                   10 points
Brad Lacey                     8 points
Jenny Cawood                 8 points
Liz Gordon                     8 points
Stan Fetting                   8 points
Jesse Kohn                  6 points
Clodagh Kusemamuriwo       6 points
Corne Grotius                 6 points

Who’s ready for round 3, “PINNACLES Trail Race” fast approaching on 2 April closely followed by round 4, “GREAT SOUTH EAST RUN” the following weekend 9 April 2017? Got to be in it to win it

Good Luck Everyone …. Get out there and run!

I would encourage everyone to have a look at the Club Championship Calendar and plan out some events this year.  Having goals and milestones throughout the year helps to keep you motivated and your motivation will in turn help to motivate others.

Next up is Round 3…for all those trail running fans out there, Pinnacles is a cracker.  18 hills over 18 km and don’t underestimate those hills!  But… it is definitely worth it.  So, if events are your thing, get online, hit enter, and lets see how the leaderboard stands after round 3.   Good Luck everyone!

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