Welcome to our newest Life Member – Sandy!

Well the best kept secret of last night’s Annual General Meeting has been revealed and Sandy has been recognised with a Life Membership for South Pine Striders! From when it was first proposed amongst our committee it was a quick, unanimous decision that Sandy absolutely deserved this recognition of her service to the club over many years. I’m sure all of us would agree that Sandy is one of our club’s most recognisable personalities and has consistently been welcoming and supportive to all of us on our running journeys!

In preparing for the Annual General Meeting I asked Rachel to share a few words and stories about Sandy and would like to share those for everyone who couldn’t be at the meeting last night.

Thanks again Sandy, for your long standing commitment to South Pine Striders and for making this such a fun and welcome club to be a part of.
Jesse Kohn, SPS President

Sandy, as one of the foundation members of South Pine Striders has been a member since the very early days, around January 2006. In that time she has served in many capacities including a number of years as a valued member on the club committee playing a significant role in the growth and development of the club and in particular the evening crew.

Sandy is well known for being enthusiastic about life and will never miss an opportunity for adventure. Often these decisions are made very spontaneously (like somewhere between the 9th and 10th kilometre of a weekend long run), with very short notice, and she always manages to rope in a few unsuspecting running sidekicks, making for a great weekend away.

Sandy has amassed an impressive repertoire of runs, over many distances, in all sorts of locations. From Cambodia to New Zealand, Tasmania, Melbourne, Hervey Bay, Great Ocean Road, Uluru (there is story behind that one), and of course, her debut marathon at the Gold Coast, just to mention a few.

Always, the social butterfly, Sandy is remarkably generous in all aspects of her life. In particular is her devotion to ensuring that on every run, “no one is left behind”. She is the first to take new members under her wing introducing them to the “crew” and also to the clubs many important traditions (coffee in the morning, often very early, and sneaky wines in the afternoon, a fine tradition instilled by our former President Stan Fetting)! She has also been known on many a long run, in the very early dark hours of the morning to call out to unsuspecting runners passing by, and “spruke” about this fantastic running club she belongs to in the hope of picking up a new recruit.

You’ll always find a laugh, a smile and words of encouragement when you need them. If you are having one of those “bad run days” she will always manage to change your mind and help you realise that no run is a bad run by the time you get back to the car, and Sandy has a very willing ear if all you need is just to “debrief” about life!

In the words of one of our other founding members “Sporting clubs are blessed to have faithful, loyal and long serving people like Sandy at the heart of things. Sandy’s long and cheerful service to our club has helped it grow in to the fantastic group of people that it is today!”

So now it is the Club and its members turn to give back to Sandy!

Thank you


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