The Day After Comrades

The ‘day after’ Comrades is always a good day, despite the fact that you walk like you have a carrot inserted in and uncomfortable place…  I spent 2 hours walking around a shopping centre and I’m feeling it now!

Ther were some interested facts that arose from the wash up of the race.  Firstly, nobody died, despite the very high temperatures: 27 degrees Celsius.  Only two guys got mugged, both for their shoes, both in the bush going to the toilet!  One guy carried on running in his socks, and the police caught the robber, chased after the guy, gave him back his shoes and he carried on to finish.  Only in South Africa! Continue reading “The Day After Comrades”

Follow The Comrades Marathon Action Live This Sunday!

In what may be an all time first, I am going to give live updates from the Comrades Marathon this Sunday. This will help to make the experience more interactive for people in Australia following the race.

Keep tuned to this website from 1:25pm this Sunday afternoon, 15 June, for live voice updates. When I say live, there is a 10 minute delay from recording to it being posted automatically on the site.

Whilst you are listening to my reports, you can locate me on a live map by going to the Comrades Website, clicking on ‘Results’ and typing in my race number: 9810.

You will be able to compare my reports to where I am on the map. Feel free to leave comments on the blog as well, and I’ll log on as soon as I get back to my accommodation at the finish line.

The Road To Comrades

It’s hard to believe I’m running in this years Comrades Marathon.  Firstly, in January I didn’t expect that I would be able to run again, and feared that my running days had come to an end.  That was thanks a debilitating achilles tendinopathy which left me hobbling like a very old man as I got out of bed in the morning.  Walking to the kitchen to have breakfast was a challenge enough without thinking of running. Continue reading “The Road To Comrades”