The Day After Comrades

The ‘day after’ Comrades is always a good day, despite the fact that you walk like you have a carrot inserted in and uncomfortable place…  I spent 2 hours walking around a shopping centre and I’m feeling it now!

Ther were some interested facts that arose from the wash up of the race.  Firstly, nobody died, despite the very high temperatures: 27 degrees Celsius.  Only two guys got mugged, both for their shoes, both in the bush going to the toilet!  One guy carried on running in his socks, and the police caught the robber, chased after the guy, gave him back his shoes and he carried on to finish.  Only in South Africa!

Of the 11140 who started only 8 612 finished.  Many had to bale, and the doctors attributed this fact with the relatively few serious medical cases they had to deal with.  In other words, instead of carrying on and running into oblivion, many thousands of runners had their race curtailed before they could hurt themselves.  One guy missed the halfway cut off by 10 seconds. He had a heart attack two weeks ago and was runing aginst his doctors wishes.  These guys end up getting hurt and give other runners and race a bad name.

The winner was a doctor from Russia called Leonid Shetsov in 5:24.  The best Australian was Magnus Magnussen in 86th at about 6:40.  The West Australian Marathon Club had 48 people come across, magnificent effort from them!

My race splits show that as of the first timing mat I was in 2316th place, and steadily improving my placing in the field at each timing mat showing a gradual improvement of placing by:

206, 454, 603, 919 to finally finish by passing 1028 people since that first timing mat to put me in at 1288.

It has been pointed out that 42 women beat me, but I put that down to having to blog.  When I was busy blogging they sneaked past me.  In other words, by trying to make this race interactive for you lot, I’ve lost out big time!  I hope you appreciate my generosity.

One runner croseed the line for his 43rd Comrades!  The winning female ran in at 6:14.  The first two places were filled by the Russian Nugalieva twins, who registered at the same time as me, but that’s about as much similarity as we have!  They do not look like runners, and have an akward style, but they move along at a phenomenal rate and nothing stops them.

This website had a record 1648 hits yesterday, which is amazing!  Hopefully many people would have been inspired to perhaps make the journey themselves.



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