Giving Back To Running

At every race we see them.  People in flouro vests, pointing the way, handing out drinks, cheering us on, setting up, clearing up, handing out medals, etc.  We just expect that they will be there. When the race is over we leave and sometimes criticize aspects of the race.  We often never consider what has had to happen in order for us to participate.  We often never stop to consider just how much that guy in the flouro vest has sacrificed for us.  Here’s the story of one marshall’s day last Sunday at the Brisbane Marathon Festival: Continue reading “Giving Back To Running”

Saturday Morning Sessions

Our morning and evening weekday runners are now combining on a Saturday morning to do some LSD trips (long slow distance!).  You have a 5:00am option and a 5:30am option.  The 5:00am option kicks off from the Lilley Road Park, Cnr Lilley Rd & Sanderling Drive, Warner.  These runners then run to Maccas Warner, where the 5:30am runners join the bus and head off towards Mc Gavin’s View.  The runs start at about 12km and can go up to 25-30km (depending on how many runners are training for a marathon).

Your running standard needs to be intermediate at least, so that you don’t get left way behind.  Typically, this session is for regular runners who are fit and need to do some LSD training for forthcoming races.  To kick off at 5:00am call Stan on 0402019050 and to kick off at 5:30am speak to Gabriel on 3325 4037.

5:00am runners can park at Lilley Road Park (on the corner with Sanderling Drive), and 5:30am runners can park at Maccas and enjoy breakfast there afterwards if they want. No cost, all runners run at their own risk.  There are water and toilet stops on the routes we take.  Wear bright or white clothing, invest in proper running apparel so that you don’t drown in your own sweat.  Those going on the longer runs should bring along some Gels and a waterbottle.