The Fake Crisis Affecting Middle Aged Endurance Runners

As a long distance runner you get used to people thinking that you are weird. Your lifestyle and behaviour becomes baffling to those around you. You develop similar rhythms of life to that of a monastery: you go to bed early, rise early, punish your body, subject yourself to discipline, your nutrition is controlled, learn to embrace suffering, dream dreams, have inspirational visions, overcome adversity and transport yourself to another plane. So like many other runners I take the jibes in my stride. I do draw the line though, and that is when I hear the word ‘crisis’ being used. Continue reading “The Fake Crisis Affecting Middle Aged Endurance Runners”

Brisbane deserves a world class marathon

Participation in running is growing.  You would imagine that a modern sophisticated city like Brisbane would have a world class marathon the likes of countless other cities across the world?  Think again.  Last weekends Brisbane Marathon was a fraught affair with significant difficulties with the course thanks not only to problems arising from the floods but a lack of support from the Council, State government and other authorities.  The race organisers have struggled to get permission for road closures and also for funding support.  The result is that the Brisbane Marathon has to be run over a course which at places was sub standard and other places downright dangerous.  There is no surprise that there were injuries this year when the public and competitors came together. Continue reading “Brisbane deserves a world class marathon”

Giving Back To Running

At every race we see them.  People in flouro vests, pointing the way, handing out drinks, cheering us on, setting up, clearing up, handing out medals, etc.  We just expect that they will be there. When the race is over we leave and sometimes criticize aspects of the race.  We often never consider what has had to happen in order for us to participate.  We often never stop to consider just how much that guy in the flouro vest has sacrificed for us.  Here’s the story of one marshall’s day last Sunday at the Brisbane Marathon Festival: Continue reading “Giving Back To Running”

More reasons to run

News reports today carry bad news for Australia’s twentysomethings:

THE health of the average 20-something Australian has slipped steadily in the past two decades, according to a report showing a fatter, more depressed young population.

A leading population health expert has challenged the official government view that young people today are much healthier than previous generations.

Read the full report here .  All the more reason to encourage your family and friends to come along and get involved in Striders.  Most people could walk, and many can run.  By encouraging someone to come along to Striders you may just change their life!