Introducing South Pine Riders

When Striders first began many moons ago in 2006, cycling was one of the activities on offer. That fell off a revised schedule of activities but since then a regular group of riders have left 5 mornings a week from the car park of SPCC, including quite a few Striders. Over time we have encouraged the cyclists to become a bit more organised and now that is upon us.

At the last Management Team meeting we agreed to recognise South Pine Striders as an associated activity of South Pine Striders.  SPR will have their own kit and those that race on weekends will use it for those purposes as well as bunch rides, etc. SPR is a casual group, there are no coached sessions, and all participants agree to come under their own insurance cover. Riders are encouraged to become Social Members of SPS, but this is not mandatory. SPR will use the SPS icon in their logo. Key members of SPR Team are Gabriel Petrie, Fabian Gonzales (SPS member), Paul Sterling.

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