Striders partnership with Redcliffe Tri club

Striders has been privileged to enter into a Reciprocal Membership Agreement  with Redcliffe Tri Club. RTC is the premier triathlon club of Brisbane and one of the longest running. Quite a few Striders are part of RTC and vic versa.  Most belong to both clubs but for some people connecting with the other club is infrequent.  This agreement allows for a crossover of membership benefits and will hopefully mutually promote both clubs. The agreement is as follows:

Members of each club enjoy reciprocal (but restricted) membership rights. That means a Strider enjoys the same rights and payment schedules as RTC members do for all coached (paying) sessions. similarly RTC members enjoy the rights of a Striders member (who do not pay for coached sessions). Reciprocal members do not have voting rights of the club they are NOT members of and don’t qualify for other benefits like club polo shirts, etc. Most RTC members who hang with Striders have become members in anycase, and most Striders who hang with RTC similarly have become members. There are some who do not connect with Striders enough to warrant joining and vice versa. Many thanks to Mary Jackson for her negotiation on the matter.

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