Striders Club Championship Races for 2012

Each year we have a Cub Championship competition based on points accumulated in our 8 listed club runs.  These 8 runs have been chosen across a number of distances and race types. First place in a distance category gets the winner 10 points, second place 8, and so forth. Last year’s inaugural winner was Stan Fetting and in 2012 the challenge is out to topple Stan from the championship.  Women dominated the leaderboard last year:

Jenny Cawood and Sandy Scott are our most consistent half marathoners, Sandy did one in Sydney and Melbourne as well as races in SE Qld. Last year’s title was won off only 6 races so the challenge is on.  You can choose whatever distance you want if the designated event has it.  The only race that doesn’t provide any choices is the Pinnacles Classic which is an 18km trail run (18 hills in 18km’s as they say!).

In order to qualify for points in the club championship you need to be a financial member of the club at the time of the race. Points are accumulated and after the final race of the season in Toowoomba the winner is announced at our Annual Awards.  The winner receives a perpetual trophy for the year as well as a take home trophy to keep.

The Club Championship races for 2012 are:

1.  Twilight Running Festival: Sunday night 18 March (10km, Half marathon)

2.  Pinnacles Classic: Saturday morning 14 April (18km trail)

3.  Noosa Half Marathon: Sunday morning 6 May (10km, Half marathon)

4.  Gold Coast Marathon: Saturday 30 June-Sunday 1 July (10km, Half marathon, marathon)

5.  Jetty @ Jetty: Sunday morning 15 July (10km, Half marathon)

6.  Brisbane Running Festival: Sunday morning 5 August (10km, Half marathon, Marathon)

7.  Bridge 2 Brisbane: Sunday morning 9 September (10km) – to be confirmed

8.  Toowoomba Marathon: Sunday morning October 21 (10km, Half marathon, Marathon) – to be confirmed

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