Striders Win Male And Female Marathon Titles In Toowoomba

Abi Griffin crosses the line to win the women’s Toowoomba Marathon 2012

A strong contingent of Striders headed out to Toowoomba for this weekend’s XCell Roofing Toowoomba Marathon and other distances. The race featured a new course and considerable improvements to runner safety. The new course took runners out into the farm areas beyond the University and runners got some great views and scenery but paid the price with some new hills. Striders Abi Griffin took out the female marathon title (3:32) and club president Stan Fetting won his second marathon title in Toowoomba (2:57). There were a host of other notable achievements as well:

Mary Jackson placed 3rd in the 30km run and the following runners won their age category: Sandy Scott (Half), Josh Musgrove (30km), Yvonne Baylis (Half), Nicole Van Gurp (Half), Jessie Brown (10km). Scotty Brown nailed another good Half, Tim Carr nailed his first Toowoomba marathon as did Enda Cotter with an excellent 3:28. The Half saw a keen tussle between Nicole Van Gurp and Yvonne Bayliss with a minute to separate them at the end, Nicole crossing first. Duncan Price was the fox of the bunch, aiming at a 2hr for the Half and nailing a 1:42! Ryan Moore confirmed a good recovery from injury with a 41:15 in the 10km and Jerrod Smith chalked up a 43min 10km ahead of the Noosa tri coming in a few weeks. Karen Reardon nailed a good 57min 10km too.

Sandy Scott and Yvonne Baylis await the start of the Toowoomba Half Marathon 2012

On Saturday night the Striders crew gathered at La Porchetta Italian restaurant and all clubbies behaved themselves. The post race celebrations on Sunday were held at a pub after eagle eyed Dackie (who placed 5th in the Half with a strong second half) noticed $3 steaks on offer. Known for his penchant for savings it wasn’t long before the original plan to head to Sizzler was derailed and some unnamed clubbies enjoyed multiple orders of $3 dollar steaks and beer. More details are to be had but road trip rules state that what happens on the road stays on the road…

Stan Fetting accepts the Toowoomba Marathon Trophy

Many thanks to the wonderful Grotius family Corne, Jacqui, Ashleigh, Jaime) and also Tony & Gayle Banfield who supported us, as well as Carmel Trevorrow (Yvonne’s daughter) who did a superb job as photographer. Thanks to Yvonne for supplying the pics.

The Toowoomba Reporter carried a story about the race here. Toowoomba Chronicle video of Abi’s finish and interview with Stan here.

More photos on the South Pine Striders Facebook page:
The Toowoomba Road Runners are to be congratulated on an excellent event, with significant improvements. These improvements have meant a greater number of volunteers and as a club we appreciate the hard work of the organisers and the volunteers.  We enjoy a trip up every year thanks to the generosity of this club and its hard working and selfless members.

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