New Striders Medical Policy

red_cross_medical_logoOur club has a duty of care to all those who come and train with us. The Management Team have agreed on a new policy to ensure we look after people as best we can. We’ve uploaded a new Pre-Exercise Medical Checklist so that participants can judge whether or not they fall into a high risk category, and should obtain a doctors consent before training with us (or continuing to train with us). If you have a condition which puts you at risk we ask that you go and see your GP, and you can use the Consent Form which we’ve uploaded. This applies to both new club members and existing club members. We note that Striders cannot give you a medical diagnosis, only a suitably qualified doctor can, which is why under certain situations we will ask people to obtain one. You can download and view our forms on our ‘Membership’ page or simply click here.

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