Glasshouse Trail Running Race Report

Saturday 13th of September started our 1st official trail run of the 2014/15 season. Glasshouse trails had it all happening from 10km all the way to a 100miler run….that’s right, 168km for those not from America. It was a brisk morning with plenty of the usual suspects. Striders out on the course were the Banfields, Paul Vennels, Enda Cotter, Nicole Van Gurp and Jerrod Smith (A.K.A… Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

Tony’s lead up to the 100miler was phenomenal….by all accounts he was set to journey towards another major running achievement. With his very supportive crew on board, Gayle and Gavin, the 100miler started at 5:30am. 10km into his run and Tony had circled back towards the start with the rest of the competitors. He looked great and was running comfortably from what we could see, however, he still had another 158km to go….anything can happen…and it did!

7:30am was the start of the 30km and needless to say….a little too fast! Nicole, Enda and Jerrod were running sub 4:45minute kms for the first 5kms. It might have been alright had there not been another 25km to go….lol. We ran together for the 1st half before Enda broke away and Nicole followed suit. Leaving myself out the back enjoying a lovely run with no one… not exactly, though. Plenty of great spectators and aid stations and scenery along the way. My goal was to run under 3 hours for the race…2:48. Tick! Done!

Paul Vennels ran a great race in 3:21. Nicole placed 2nd female overall with an impressive time of 2:40. Tony finished up at the 92km mark and vowed to come back next year…. Awesome effort T! Enda smashed the 30kms in some ridiculous time of like 2:33… GRAND! GRAND!….Luck of the Irish! I’m sure there is plenty more to report, however, sign up and run next time so you all can enjoy the day as much as we did!

Jerrod Smith

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