Brisbane to Gold Coast Ride

On the 19th October 20, 2014 the Brisbane to Gold Coast ride was taken on by several South Pine Striders and also South Pine Riders, this was tenth time this event has been held. The starting 15 to 20 km were outstanding leading entrants from South Brisbane to Underwood via the bus lane or as we all called it the fast lane!

We weaved our way through the Southern suburbs where we caught up with Penny Farthing riders and a highlight for all a cyclist on a Brisbane City rental bike doing a great speed. At 40 k’s the first of our two stop where we received sports drinks, nutrition in several forms and a chance to find out why these people would pay money to ride 100 Kilometers on their day off? the answers varied from going as fast as they can using usually roads only available to buses to just trying to get some fitness or spending quality time with friends and family.

We then ventured through the service roads all the way down to Yatala North and through all of the back roads through Jacobs Well and seeing scenic areas on the Southern areas most of us never venture. After all these back roads we emerged back onto the service Road to head further South and into a head wind with 16 k’s to our next stop where again we were treated to more nutrition and fluids. At this stage everyone thought the last twenty would be a tough ask but riding through Hope Island viewing many of the Gold Coasts gems it was a real treat.

In saying that when we arrived at the turn around point at Runaway bay reserved for the Gold Coast Marathon everyone was happy to have a bike under them and continue we did to the finish line where again we were treated to more fruit, ice cream and drinks. The bus trip home allowed the lactic acid to set in but back at South Bank refreshments were available until our bikes arrived individually wrapped to avoid damage. It was not a great day for everyone as some accidents occurred requiring medical attention which was prompt. A thank you to the organizers, police and ambulance officers who took our safety seriously on the day but a special mention goes out to the 263 volunteers who make the event possible. A great day had by most, hope the injured recover with speed.

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