Like the start of every new year, many people start with their New Years Resolution. Well in this case, 3 Striders members started the new year with the Resolution Run 2015.  Resolution Run has two distances; 5.5km and 11km.  Its not a huge event, this year there were 415 finishers in the 5.5km event and 611 finishers for the 11km.
Congratulations to Lisa Millar who finished the 11km in 59:25 which was a new PB! Woo Hoo.  Lisa was stoked to have run the course achieving her sub 1hr goal.  What a great start to the running year.  This year Lisa will be concentrating on triathlons and hopefully a new PB at the Gold Coast Marathon in July.   Best of luck Lisa.
Also a massive Congratulations to Peter Lewis who finished the 11km 45:08 which placed him 3rd in his category!!  Well done mate!  Peter was a first timer for this event, however his 10km splits were also a PB.  Looks like Peter has made a great start to the running season.  Looks like he is well onto the way of smashing his parkrun rimes, particularly in this heat and achieving his sub 40minute 10km goal.  Also best of luck to Peter with his Gold Coast Marathon preparation in July!
I also ran the Resolution Run 11km event.  This was the second time I have entered and finished this event.  Due to the unusual distance, I generally don’t take this event seriously and like to have some fun with it.  This year, I ran with a mate of mine Kyle.  Kyle is recovering from an ankle reconstruction and the 11km was his longest distance to date.  This was also Kyle’s very first fun run, but definitely not his last.  Kyle’s lead up to completing the Resolution Run was running with me pacing him at Sandgate and New Farm parkruns for the past 3 weeks, where his time has improved from 32:24 to 26:57.
The morning of Resolution Run didn’t start off very well.  I was supposed to pick Kyle up at 5am.  I sent him a text the evening before to remind him to hydrate (I remembered how hot it was the previous year) and Kyle texted me back saying he would love a sub 01:10:00 finish time… Unfortunately the morning of the race my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up at 5:19am with 3 missed calls and numerous text from Kyle in a state of panic.  I quickly got dressed, jumped in the car and phoned him and made arrangements where I would meet him at the start line and everything would be ok.  Fortunately with very little traffic, and my online pre-booked car park, I arrived at the baggage tent, where I met up with Kyle just as the MC was stating we had 2 minutes to the gun.
As this was Kyle’s very first fun run, I suggested he stick with me for the first 1km whilst we juggled around the walkers/joggers then I would set us a pace I knew he could manage.  Kyle managed the first 5km by sticking with the pace I had set.  The brief shower at the 2km cooled us down, but then the sun came out which turned the run into a sauna, and I could see Kyle was struggling so by 4km we decided to walk.  The temperature was 23degrees with 89% humidity, so to say it was sticky was an understatement. As I had been keeping pace, I knew we still had some time up our sleeve so a walk wouldn’t.  During the second lap, Kyle really started to struggle and the running became less and the walking became more.  He kept looking at his watch and could see his goal finish time slipping away.  I said to him, “Stop looking at your watch!  Don’t worry about the time, we will be fine.”  Fortunately for me, he’s a soldier and takes direction well.  So we soldiered on (excuse the pun) and about 500m from the finish line Kyle said to me, “let’s sprint the last 100m!”  So together we ran the last 100m and finished Kyle’s first fun run, side by side with huge smiles on our faces.    Kyle was given his finishers medal and we were both given a bottle of water.  I took our post race selfie (I told Kyle he has to have a photo from each race as a souvenir even it its only a post race selfie).  Kyle expressed his disappointment with our finish time because he saw the finishers chute reading 01:10:15.  I replied, “Ahhh, but that is the race time, our actual finish time (net time) was 01:09:19, so you made your goal – Congratulations!” which of course he was stoked with.  I’ve since given Kyle a list of fun run dates and events for him to register for including Fun Run Pink, Twilight, Gold Coast Bulletin, Gold Coast Marathon and Brisbane Running Festival events.  Now I just need to talk him into registering as a Striders member and getting him to Tuesday or Thursday sessions……

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