Twilight Running Festival 2010 Report

So, unless I have it totally wrong, this is the first Half Marathon of the season for all, or most, of our club runners. This is not the eaiest of Half Marathon courses and it keeps you honest and hardworking for most/all of the way. Even so, there were some good times set for so early in the season (Stan Fetting 1:29:46 ; Paul Dack 1:36:33). Some people just keep improving and you wonder what time they are capable of ….. with a little training (Duncan Price 1:42:37). Others did’nt quite achieve the times they had set themselves as targets and this is where the runner in each comes out. For these people you need to reflect on the run, learn from it, put it in the bag, leave it there and work on the next target. Pat yourself on the back for completing yet another run! Every run, good or not so good, has lessons in it to learn from. It looks as if it’s going to be a competitive year… There were also a couple of 10km entrants as well as the latest and greatest young runners, Matthew (5:08) and Emily (5:22), following in Dads foot steps and running really good 1km times. Dad may have to actually start training a bit….. Well done Matthew and Emily! See full result at the website

Wrecked – The Tangalooma Ocean Swim Report

“A great day out, interrupted by an ocean swim” This describes the 1st Tangalooma “Wrecked” Ocean swim; brought to us by Weekend Warriors Events. Event co-ordinator John Guise was both welcoming and professional, as were all the organisers and volunteers of this well orchestrated and thoroughly enjoyable event. There were some really nice touches to this event, including but not exclusive to, getting a handshake with a “good swim” and handed a powerade at the finish line. Distance 2.4km; with the option of a team of two; mass beach start, around the outside of the wrecks and then parallel to the beach; finishing at the Tangalooma resort. The water was calm and tepid, and clear enough to spot some marine life – a couple of rays and some starfish!

Brett Jackson: 5th place (category 36 +) Time : 31:00:76 (3min off 1st place and 5 mins off 1st place cat 19yrs – 35yrs)
Abi Griffin: 7th place (category 19-35yrs) Time : 37:03:44 (1min behind Emma Thomson and Less than 5mins off 1st place)

This was a fantastic event; I would love to see a big group go over for this next year. Asides from an enjoyable and challenging swim, there was plenty of time in the afternoon to explore the wrecks; which are teaming with ocean and reef fish and covered in coral; have lunch, and relax in a beautiful part of the world. Tips for anyone interested in next year; I will be bringing an esky, with a picnic lunch and beverages… otherwise, perfection. I have attached some photo’s as well. In the race start photo’s you can pick out Brett and I as we are both wearing Blue Seventy wetsuits which have the blue rings at the top of the arms. See photo’s me fitting my wetsuit, the mass start, me finishing, Brett finish and Brett again at the finish. See the results at the website . Article contributed by Abi Griffin.

Bribie Triathlon Series – 13/14 March 2010

And they did it again! All the usual suspects were there. These are some of the results from the Bribie Triathlon Series events over this past weekend. Please accept apologies for those people who took part but have been missed of this posting. Well done Kirsty, Abi and Fabian! It seems Kirsty improved on her October result as did Fabian. As for Abi, I cant see why she could’nt pull another 12min 5km out of the bag….. Full results from the weekend events can be found at the website and following the Bribie Triathlon Series 2009/2010.

Queensland Running Cross Country Series 2010

The Queensland Cross Country Series kicks off this Saturday, 6 March, and could be a break in routine for those wanting to try something different and mix it up a bit. The series runs through to the end of July 2010. These runs could be used to gauge where you stand in your preparation for other bigger events you have targeted and could be seen as time trials with a variety of distances to choose from in most cases. See the Race Schedule or visit the website.

Bribie Island Tri Series – 6 Dec 2009

Abi participated in the Individual Long Course Bribie Island Triathlon event held on Sunday, 6 December. As you can see by her time and finishing position all that effort that Abi has put in during her training sessions is paying off and she is able to proudly boast of this result, although she probably won’t. So we will on her behalf by letting all and sundry know of this achievement. Well done Abi! Photo’s of Abi finishing the run leg can be found at the website and the photos are referenced LEE_1263-2009bribietrir2 and LEE_1264-2009bribietrir2

To all those of you who participated as well and have been missed in this summary….my apologies. Please advise the club coordinator of this error and it will be rectified. It’s not about boasting. It’s about pride and celebration of a successful and enjoyable effort. Continue reading “Bribie Island Tri Series – 6 Dec 2009”

Kurrawa to Duranbah 13 Dec 2009

What an enjoyable event! I had to compete for a cab with the late night or early morning youth out clubbing and returning to wherever at 4:30am on a Sunday morning! There were a total of 190 Runners running either the solo 25km, relay 25km x 2 or solo 50km and the starting ‘pistol’ comprising of an ‘Ok, go’. The race is from Broadbeach to Danger Point Coolangatta. There are no km marker boards, you know you’ve done 25km’s when you get to the turning point for the 50km event.

I met some interesting people. One 67 year old who ran 25km’s in 2hrs and is apparently a bit of a legend as far as running goes, Goes by the name of the ‘Sylva Fox’. Julie and Wendy, Margaret of Toowoomba Road Runners asked after you but was overjoyed that neither of you were present. Continue reading “Kurrawa to Duranbah 13 Dec 2009”