Making The Shift From Good To Great In Running

What if I told you that you could learn something about your running to take you from good to great – from the world of business? Jim Collins best selling book on leadership ‘Good To Great’ analysed the difference between ‘good’ companies and ‘great’ companies and what set them apart. It has some worthwhile transferrable concepts to apply to running. As a coach I observe plenty of evidence that ‘good’ can be the enemy of ‘great’. Runners are not able to fulfil their potential when they settle for ‘good’ over ‘great’. Perhaps Jim can help us make that shift. Continue reading “Making The Shift From Good To Great In Running”

Is Kudos Killing Runners?

“In short, Strava is it right now—the only app that serious runners and cyclists need to bother with.” So says Mat Gross the author of the article ‘How Strava became the only fitness app that matters’*.  Judging by the amount of my fellow run club members on Strava I would have to agree. But is it helping or hindering runners in their quest to realise their potential? Continue reading “Is Kudos Killing Runners?”

How To Run Faster The Older You Get

As much as I struggle to accept it, I’ve now entered my middle ages.  I’m 47, and there’s no denying it.  It looks bad on paper but it doesn’t have to feel that bad in life.  Thanks to a lifestyle of running and fitness and the blessing of health I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been.  And I’m running the fastest I’ve ever run. I’ve just returned from the Comrades Marathon in South Africa having achieved my running dream off the back of some key changes to my training and racing strategy. If my health allows me to continue running, these changes will help keep me running long into my twilight years, or here’s hoping! I think these key changes can help anyone no matter how old or young.  See what you think: Continue reading “How To Run Faster The Older You Get”