Getting Your Pace Right At Gold Coast

With only days to go you should by now  have an idea of what time you are capable of running, and then working out what pace that is per/km. Using the km markers, you must stick to your pace and no faster. You can go faster over the last 3km’s of the 10km if you are capable, and in the Half once you have passed 17km you can think about getting faster. If you have a 3km or 5km [even better] time trial time, you can work off that. You will not be too much better than predicted, so don’t get any flash ideas.

The best and fastest way of doing it is to use the web resources I am providing the link to.

If you have an idea of what your desired finishing time is, no matter what distance you are running this weekend,  go to Running For Fitness site here and enter your details. A detailed scientific explanation behind the predictor tool is provided. The best way is to race yourself and see.

Once you have your predicted time you can work out your pace per/km [on the same site, look in the left hand sidebar] and even print off a pacing wristband to compare with your watch time on the run. Do that here.

See y’all there in the Big Green Striders Marquee!

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