Gold Coast Marathon – Final Preparations

The Big Green Striders Marquee will be at the Gold Coast Marathon  when you arrive.  Plan on staying  to have lunch with your fellow Striders after the race.  There are plenty of eateries nearby. The marquee will be put up on Saturday lunch-time.

For those of you who are nervous, I’ve included my well rehearsed race day routines here below:

Here’s my normal race morning routine:

Night before: Big pasta feed, minimum meat, maximum pasta.  Don’t eat steak etc.  Keep it to pasta, you can’t go wrong.  Don’t walk around too much on Sat especially if you are doing the Half.

1.                   Rise early and eat a light breakfast using the same brekkie you normally eat. Don’t drink too much milk.  Keep it light.

2.                   Try and go to the loo before you leave home.

3.                   Pack loo roll.

4.                   Have some GU’s or PowerGel sachets ready, eat one 30min before start of race, with appropriate water. Half runner take a GU every 45min, 10km runner don’t worry about it.

5.                   Make sure you have ‘lubed’, if not, I have some ‘lube’ sachets especially for runners with Blistershield. Don’t go the ‘red headlamps’ on us now will you?!

6.                   Put your entire race gear on, and then trakkies over race gear.  Check from feet up that you have everything.

7.                   Double check pacing wristband.

8.                   Double check watch.

9.                   Don’t leave going to the loo at the race till too late, you will miss the start and be stressed.

Race Tactics:

1.                   Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing – you are running your race, and you will probably pass everyone who races in front of you at the start.  Be patient!

2.                   Stand near the front so that you avoid running around all the joggers.  Don’t be shy, go up front.  It’s easier to be passed than to pass.

3.                   Keep a lookout for km markers.

4.                   Settle into a rhythm early, and don’t worry too much about anything.

5.                   Don’t attempt any sudden surges, keep any increase incremental/gradual.

6.                   When your body/legs start to hurt – it’s OK, they’re supposed to!!!  You are running a long way.  You WILL keep running at the same speed even though you feel worse, your body is capable of putting out and it will, you have proven that in training and in your time trials.

7.                   Enjoy the occasion and take it in.  This is why you drag your carcass out of bed so early in the morning!  Soak it up, feel the energy of the race atmosphere, enjoy the encouragements of spectators.  This is what you have been preparing for, your time has arrived.  Enjoy it, feed off it!

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